Audi S8 Plus

The "plus" adds power, to reach 605 hp, with a monstrous 750 Nm of peak torque, after improving the performance of the supercharged four-litre V8 through more pressure in the turbochargers, new exhaust valves and tweaks to the electronic control unit.

The performance, as you read at the opening of the article, is supercar-like. Audi makes several references to the "sportiness" of the performance sedan, although it's hard for us to see the S8 Plus as "sporty". Immensely fast and capable, yes, no doubt, but sporty? The agility of such a boat on a twisty road in second and third gear isn't exactly textbook.

If one day we test it, which is unlikely, we'll know for sure. By the way, the normal S8 costs €133,000, so this could well reach €150,000.

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