2017 Tesla Model S

The headlights are now fully LED, so you can perfectly modulate the beam of light depending on the visual conditions, without dazzling others. At the rear we will see that the optical groups have been darkened.

As for the interior, it receives the Model X's "all-proof" climate control, with a filter that removes 99.97% of the pollution from the exhaust of others, as well as all allergens, bacteria and other microscopic contaminants. Two new wood inserts are available.

2017 Tesla Model S

The range is articulated exactly like the pre-styling model. At the entry level is the Model S 70, with rear-wheel drive or all-wheel drive, i.e. 315 hp to the rear wheels in the first case, or 328 hp for both axles. In the middle, the P90D, with 417 hp, all-wheel drive and a longer range. The top of the range is the P90D, also with all-wheel drive, and 463 hp or 532 hp in Ludicrous mode.

The model numbers indicate battery capacity in kWh.

It obviously has the same electronic knick-knacks, most notably the Autopilot, which allows semi-autonomous driving. The system is able to maintain steering, change lanes, park, or come to the owner's call from a garage or parking space.

2017 Tesla Model S

At the moment, this is what we know.

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