2015 Toyota Hilux unveiled in Thailand

    Toyota wanted to redefine the concept of "tough vehicle", improving its comfort with a better silenced cabin, a much more modern look and greater concessions to luxury in the more expensive versions. It is still a ladder chassis, but evolved a little more.

    It will have three suspension schemes: a generic one, one adapted for tougher jobs and one designed primarily for road use. The model presented has the last mentioned scheme. It has a new diesel engine (1GD), the four-cylinder 2.8 D-4D with 177 hp and a maximum torque of 450 Nm. Toyota claims it is quieter than its predecessor.

    The standard tyre size for the double cab version is 265/65 R18. There will also be a choice of single cab and extended cab. There is no lack of all-wheel drive and six-speed manual or automatic gearboxes. Fuel economy has been improved over the current 3.0 D4-D, but we don't know how much.

    The design looks quite a bit more modern, with stretched front light clusters, daytime running lights, a ribbed hood and new wheel arches. Inside, it will feature a touchscreen and infotainment system on the range-toppers.

    We don't know if this redefinition of toughness will prevent one of these cars from having a guerrilla fighter with a machine gun in the back seat in 20 years' time while escaping from being chased by tanks. Whatever Toyota may think, this is one of the best military vehicles available for civilian use.

    By the way, look at the mechanical layout. The pictures are of right-hand drive versions, and the fuel tank is on the left side, opposite the driver. We don't know if the fuel tank will be moved to the other side in left-hand drive versions, otherwise it would have an unbalanced weight distribution with respect to its longitudinal axis.

    The Toyota Hilux is still a work vehicle, and a true off-road vehicle, so it continues to resist the use of monocoque chassis and pulls for a more than proven solution. After all, the Hilux saga dates back to 1968, and more than 16 million units have been sold around the world.

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