Volkswagen Polo GT Sedan becomes a reality in Russia

It can be chosen with a six-speed manual gearbox, or with a seven-speed DSG, always with front-wheel drive. It can be distinguished by the 16″ alloy wheels, specific front grille, "GT" badges, black roof and mirror housings, specific body kit, steering wheel with trimmed bottom or sports seats, and, of course, tailgate. In the Spanish market we do not have the GT finish as such, but the BlueGT, but it was sold a few years ago. I remember how that mythical 130 hp 1.9 TDI was, a real rocket, but it was expensive compared to the competition.

The first 300 of Putin's children who order it will receive it like this, painted in white with the vinyl that runs lengthwise in black, white and red. It has a boot capacity of 454 litres, competitive even with some D-segment saloons. Do you see a future for it in the Spanish market?

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