Toyota joins the hot-hatch market: Yaris GRMN

Focused on a very crowded segment with competitors like the Polo GTI or the Corsa OPC, the Yaris has two points that make it stand out from the rest.

Firstly, its 1.8-litre engine produces 212bhp at 6,800rpm. And it stands out from its competitors because while the rest have turbo engines, Toyota has decided to opt for a compressor supercharger, which allows the power delivery is done immediately ensuring smiles in abundance every time you step on the accelerator.

The second point that gives more importance to this toy is the fact that its sale is limited to 600 units. 400 destined for Europe and 200 for Japan, something we are used to in high-end cars but not in small hot-hatches like this one. This is probably one of the points that has influenced the price, as it starts from 29,900 euros. Perhaps a little high for a car in this segment, but not if we consider the special and unique atmosphere that surrounds it.

As for the cabin, the red stitching and bucket seats stand out. Also, despite being a version focused on sporty driving, it still has all the comforts that any Yaris can count on, whether it's air conditioning or navigation. However, all this is meaningless when you roll down the window and listen to how those 4 cylinders rush up to 7,000rpm.

Its weight of 1,135 kg and brakes signed by GRMN, further strengthen the sporty and agile character of this car making it a small rocket capable of challenging any mountain road.

Undoubtedly, Toyota has done a good job developing a car with the sole purpose of bringing back that old driving pleasure. A car that I'm sure would make any petrolhead fall in love... if it wasn't already sold out. I'm afraid you'll have to keep an eye on the second hand market if you want to get your hands on one of these special machines.

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