SEAT already has 9 possible names for its new SUV

The nominated names are Abrera, Alborán, Arán, Aranda, Ávila, Donosti, Tarifa, Tarraco and Teide.

These names bring together the richness and heritage of our toponymy, with Basque, Arabic, Roman, etc. roots. These names have fulfilled the following conditions:

  1. They are valid names with respect to the brand and the product. That is to say, in this phase Carranque, Guarromán, Mula, etc. have been discarded.
  2. They meet the linguistic criteria of easy pronunciation, that they sound good everywhere, that they have positive connotations... "Málaga" would not have passed this test, they would have realized that "malakas" in Greek is a very ugly word.
  3. These are names that SEAT's competitors don't have registered in the markets where they operate, as there would be legal problems for sure. Surely that ruled out the SEAT Corrida, if Ford still keeps that registered (had to make the joke).

Now SEAT has to sift through the nine names, going from those nine to just three. Those three finalists will be announced at the Frankfurt Motor Show on September 12 and will be put to an open vote until September 25.

SEAT already has 9 possible names for its new SUV

We can anticipate and make our own prediction. My favourite is SEAT Ávila, it conveys values of strength, robustness, history... just think of its immortal wall. I also like Donosti, I'm sure it would never break down.

What is your choice?

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