SEAT will have a B-SUV in 2017

    SEAT will have a B-SUV in 2017

    Now Automotive News is pulling the wool over our eyes, and after questioning several sources, has set a date for the Martorell-based company's second SUV. The American publication says that SEAT will have a B-segment SUV to fight with the Captur in 2017, complementing the offer of the Ibiza, and using the MQB platform, as it could not be otherwise.

    Of course, this, at this stage of the game, is like saying that after day comes night. It is obvious that SEAT has to explore these market niches if it wants to reinforce its newly achieved position of profitability. The question is whether the two-year timeframe will be too long to reach an increasingly crowded market niche, and one that I dare say will start to show signs of over-variety in the offer.

    Interestingly, the sibling of this B-SUV range would be the new Ibiza, which is due for a new generation at the end of next year or early 2017. Wouldn't it be too risky to launch Ibiza and B-SUV at the same time?

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