Mazda MX-5 Club

It's called "Club", and it's limited for the moment to the US market, through only a thousand copies. What makes it special? Well, its accessories. For starters, it is equipped with an aerodynamic kit, consisting of a splitter, side skirts and a nice lip on the rear hood.

It adds dark gray wheels (the unit in the photo has them replaced by a black BBS more interesting if possible, optional payment aside). It also has standard self-locking differential, damping signed by Bilstein, shorter springs and other "possible" details, such as Brembo rigid caliper brakes that are offered as an option.

All wisely combined with the white bodywork, we have one of those cars that you want to drive. The cabin, with the lap counter as the main protagonist of the dashboard, the infotainment system, the design of the seats and the dashboard... everything transports us to our favourite coastal or mountain road for a relaxing drive.

By the way, the soft top is still manual, to save weight.

The question now is, will it come to our market? Maybe not as a variant, but each and every one of the options offered in this "Club" will end up being present in the catalogue of Mazda Spain, which makes us smile and dream of getting our hands on it as soon as possible.

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