Kia Proceed Concept previews the Frankfurt Motor Show

    The Proceed Concept shows us an elongated compact, with five conventionally opening doors, a seductive roof drop, very short overhangs and a seemingly suppressed B-pillar. The windows are covered by a line that lights up when the hypothetical traffic approaches it in the dark.

    Its color, Lava Red, starts from a hand of black, silver with chrome effect and red lacquer. We find sporty features -that will not have the standard model- as 20-inch wheels, carbon fiber parts, hidden door handles or disc brakes of very high performance. We don't know anything about the engine.

    Kia Proceed Concept previews the Frankfurt Motor Show

    So what do the designers want to convey with this prototype? First, that it is a "real Kia", with its usual grille, which they call the tiger nose. Secondly, that it is agile, well planted on the road, self-confident. Its identity is highlighted by the side, front and rear lighting system (the latter inspired by cast ferromagnetic metal).

    It's a "bold vision" of what the new Cee'd range could be. It's been 10 years since the first generation of the compact arrived on the market, a model that was born entirely in Europe to appeal more to the local buyer. Its sales figures back up the success of that approach. Now receives touches of the handsome boy of the range, the Kia Stinger GT.

    The proportions will have to change a bit, especially for a generalist front-wheel drive compact, but some features are viable for serious production, such as the floating C-pillar, the air intakes - which will be false - or the shape of the side sills. It gets conventional mirrors, window frames -now it has pure coupe ones, without frames- and exhaust outlets. Correction, the latter is not even necessary anymore, they can also be fake.

    Kia Proceed Concept previews the Frankfurt Motor Show

    We don't have any pictures of the interior. When they come out, we'll update this information.

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