All Ford Mustangs will be able to burn a (healthy) tire in 2018

There's also no problem when it comes to which gearbox to choose, with both the ten-speed automatic and the six-speed manual, the 'Line-Lock' function will be available. It's worth remembering that this function is intended for use on the racetrack, not in urban areas and traffic lights (where most people end up using it).

To promote the availability of this feature on Mustang EcoBoost models, the company filmed people on foot trying it out.

All Ford Mustangs will be able to burn a (healthy) tire in 2018

Activation of the feature is found in the on-board computer menu, which is operated via buttons on the steering wheel. The driver will use them until the appropriate menu is reached. Once started, the system increases the pressure of the front brake calipers. With another press on the button, the rear brakes disengage and the pressure on the front brakes is maintained for a further 15 seconds, allowing the driver to step on the accelerator and safely fry the rear tyres. Wheel manufacturers are delighted.

Also new, customers opting for the new 12-inch digital instrument cluster will be treated to an animated graphic showing a wheel burning rubber to indicate, precisely, that the Line-Lock function is in use.

Is it an absurd feature? From my point of view, yes. However, it's such an absurd feature that it can bring a smile to your face. Imagine after a hard day, you take your Ford Mustang and do a couple of burnouts. It'll bring a smile, won't it? You better hope no cop sees you doing that, it counts as reckless or negligent driving, at the officer's discretion.

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