We say goodbye to 2016 and we wish you a pistonudo 2017.

We say goodbye to 2016 and we wish you a pistonudo 2017.

Adversities can incite to surrender, or to the last attack that decides an unexpected victory.

Pistonudos continues as a project, whatever it takes, and whatever it costs me. Fortunately I'm not alone after the demise of the original team, and many of you have offered to collaborate. Almost a hundred volunteers came to the summer call, and some of them left for posterity some real gems about history, engineering, classic models, technology, design... And it's fair to say that I wouldn't have been able to do something as good. Others fell by the wayside, but I thank them for having tried.

There are many ways to collaborate in Pistonudos, such as helping us to grow in social networks; we all know someone who may be interested in these contents, you can also share the articles you like the most. This project doesn't make any sense without the community behind it, you can consider yourselves part of it. For better or worse we are on our own, no big group or powerful company is behind us; as Medina Azahara's song says, we are free as the wind.

2017 will be a better year, I can't comment much right now, but there will be surprises that will improve this space and make it more attractive for everyone. There will be more content, more tests, more regularity... We hope to continue counting on your support and meet your expectations. In fact, we are going to start the year with a little surprise. Inside this paragraph there is already a clue, let's see who can guess: it can be a word, a number...

And that's all for 2016. We wish you a happy entry of the year, and hopefully, may it continue until the exit, and may you continue to be there.

Best regards.

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