Do you know our technical data sheets and car price list?

You can easily access this section in the top menu (Technical data) or at In some articles you will also see a small summary sheet of the main model to which we refer, which serves as a shortcut to the complete sheet. We remind you that we also have a powerful insurance comparator, with which you can ask for a quote in more than 25 companies in a personalized way.

When you enter the technical specifications section, you will find the brands with commercial offers ordered from A to Z. In addition, you have a practical search engine with which you can filter all models by brand, model, body type, engine type and price range. For example, if you filter by "SUV" and "electric" you'll only see the Tesla Model X - there are no others - from the five-seater 75D to the seven-seater P100D. Each list item comes with its price, power, average consumption and trunk size. By default there are 10 items per page and ordered by ascending price, but it can be changed.

Do you know our technical data sheets and car price list?

Within the section of each brand, we see all the models available for sale -or that will be very soon-, in alphabetical order. In some cases there may be variants within the same model, for example, three-door, five-door and estate body styles. Models that are no longer sold will only be accessible with a direct link. By clicking on a model you will see all its variants, by default 10 per page and sorted from lowest to highest price.

And what can we do for each individual model? First of all, we can see its complete technical data sheet, with data that are of great interest. You can settle that argument with your colleague about whether the 2008 1.2's displacement is 1,199 cubic centimetres and that it has three cylinders instead of twelve. Note that the prices shown already include the current commercial campaign, if any. The available sections are: price, dimensions and capacities, engine, performance and consumption, transmission and mechanical elements, plus access to a complete gallery of images.

Secondly, we can see an extended equipment sheet, with the elements that come standard and those that do not, along with the extra outlay required. The available sections are: safety and driving, comfort elements, exterior and interior decoration, luggage and transport, sound and multimedia equipment, wheels and tyres, and miscellaneous. If we have marked any extra, at the top the price is updated with what we have added.

We warn you, you can spend many hours like this.

Last but not least, you can make a three-way comparison, choosing a maximum of three cars. To do this you have to click on "+ Add to comparator", and they are added to a box on the right side. The preference is remembered if we click on a link to a brand or the cover, no problem. When we have our two or three candidates, we just have to click on "Compare". In this case we have confronted three recreational cars that have something to do, but you can confront a three-cylinder diesel with a 600 hp petrol SUV and a hybrid family, that's up to each one.

The comparison can be made both at the level of data and equipment, and in the latter case you can also refine the shot and mark the extras that competitors have as standard or are not available.

We hope you get a lot of use out of this tool and spend a lot of time poking around. Recommend it to your circles, in few places you will find so much information and with such a level of detail.

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