The first Quedadacia, the meeting of Dacia owners in Spain, has been convened.

    The first result of this operation was the first generation Logan, which was presented at the 2004 Paris Motor Show. The Logan was aimed at emerging countries and they hadn't even considered selling it in rich Europe. The surprise was that it created a great expectation and the brand realized that a part of the public demanded this type of car. Faced with this situation they decided to market it with discreet sales at first but were increasing considerably over time.

    The Logan was a three-volume sedan with four doors whose starting price was well below 10,000 euros and that, although with poor quality and a very little equipment, was a perfect vehicle for a person who wants a car to go from point A to point B without luxuries or frills and at a price as low as possible.

    In 2008 came the Sandero with the same philosophy of Logan, which led to a much greater increase in sales of the brand in our continent, to the point that on several occasions became the sales leader in Spain. Now the range is much more complete, with the second generations of the Logan and Sandero models, plus the Lodgy, the Dokker and the Duster.

    The first Quedadacia, the meeting of Dacia owners in Spain, has been convened.

    The latter is enjoying a very notable success in rural areas, where the presence of pure SUVs is lacking, being the Duster a very interesting vehicle to go out in the countryside without fear of leaving along the way beautiful chrome moldings or scratching some impressive tires. All this together with a very competitive price has made it a very interesting model for this type of use.

    The increase in the brand's sales -and revenues- has contributed to the brand increasing its offer of models with a higher and higher build quality and details that move away from the idea of a "crappy" car. Even taxi drivers trust them. Now they don't look like toy cars and their owners feel "lucky" to have them.

    To give an example of the latter, on YouTube we can find a channel called Practical Corner, where a Sandero owner explains many interesting details about that model and about the brand in general. There is also the Dacia Club on the internet (

    For customers who are proud of their Dacia, the brand has organised the Quedadacia, which will be held in Madrid at the Faunia theme park on 23 September and will be attended by more than 1,300 people. The brand has also created Comunidacia, a digital platform open to the public that is updated weekly with new videos, tips and tricks. In addition, registered users can benefit exclusively from special offers.

    This event has already been organized in other countries such as France, Germany or Czech Republic, with a considerable acceptance. At Pistonudos we respect the ideological heterogeneity of car lovers, so we wish them success. Not even Dacia's marketing managers would have thought of something like this 12 years ago.

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