Range Rover Evoque patent refused in China

Range Rover Evoque patent refused in China

As it could not be otherwise, Land Rover sued LandWind for making such a blatant use of its design. The competent authorities, in a decision as Solomonic as it is absurd, have denied the patent of the design to the original as well as to the copy. The reason? The design had already been seen before, so it can't be patented. Sure, the Evoque has been sold since 2010, but outside of China.

At least LandWind hasn't been granted a patent, that's something.

The European manufacturer isn't going to let up, because technically the situation hasn't changed. It's still unfair competition, and it's still a misuse of intellectual property. JLR spokesman Andrew Marsch told Reuters that the patent process is separate. On the other hand, the design should be protected by copyright, and LandWind is trying to confuse the consumer by selling a car that looks like the original, but does not have the same qualities, performance, etc.. Nor does it have the same price, nor is it made in China.

Both Jaguar Land Rover and LandWind can appeal the ruling.

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