Mercedes-Benz C-Class Coupe

The grille, headlights and front wings have great similarities with the four-door saloon, but the A-pillar is different, being more inclined and less elevated. There's room for a B-pillar (absent in the E-Class Coupe), with the doors being "the longest of any Mercedes-Benz" says the press release, for easier access to all four seats.

The roof curves gracefully back, leaving a very suggestive C-pillar. The fins are muscular and hug the doors while a styling line rises somewhat forcibly at the front wing, where the "muscle" of the wheel ends and meets the bonnet, to fall down into the side profile.

The design is elegant, dynamic and very balanced, although we are still struck by the exaggerated and completely useless (by false) side air intakes of the front bumper, seconded by false air outlets in the rear bumper. Be that as it may, the design is very attractive.

The cabin takes the same dashboard as the C-Class sedan and implements it "step by step". There is room for new, sportier front seats with integrated head restraints and a rear bench seat with only two seats, which are also more centrally positioned.

Driving assistance systems (adaptive cruise control, automated lane following up to 200 km/h...) and infotainment are the same as those available on all other Mercedes-Benz models, so you can imagine they're state-of-the-art in every respect.

This time around, virtually the entire mechanical offering of the C sedan will be carried over to the C Coupe. Thus, this 4 Series and Audi A5 rival will have gasoline variants (156 hp C180, 184 hp C200, 211 hp C250 and 245 hp C300), and diesel versions with 170 and 204 hp. A Mercedes-AMG C Coupe will also arrive imminently, with the same wild supercharged V8 as the sedan we love so much.

The chassis is also no different from the sedan, with which it shares platform and structure, and is offered with several types of suspension, being the AirMatic air suspension the most complete (and expensive) with fully adaptive spring element and damper functions, which will seek to offer the best possible compromise between comfort and dynamism.

It will be available this autumn in dealerships, and no major price differences are expected with respect to the model currently on the market, whose access version (C180 petrol) is at 37,800 €.

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