People are crazy: This is how they light a cigarette with a Nissan GT-R.

I don't know if it's called Johny the daring guy who sticks his hand with a cigarette in one of the exhaust outlets of a Nissan GT-R with a few tchotchkes in its engine. But I wouldn't be surprised if they were related, even if distantly.

The Nissan GT-R in question is a study item. It's not just another Godzilla preparation. If you look at the video at the top of this article you can see that it is fully vinyl with a chrome color with pink tints....... you can judge the taste of the owner.
At the rear is a large mirror black spoiler and the trunk lid has been painted in matte black vinyl. We have no chance to see what tires have been chosen for this GT-R, but by its size and shape and give us away that they are not the standard.

The exhaust system is signed by Armytrix and as it sounds in the video is a delight to the ears. Its growl is loud and serious, more than one on the dyno had to leave with a ringing in the ears.

It is confirmed that the brave man with the cigar did not suffer any burns, lucky him. I just need to add that do not try to do this at home, only the crazy and headless dare to do this recklessness.

P.S: I leave here the song in question. It's not a masterpiece but it's ideal to put it as background music for this article.

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