Nissan 350Z is another victim of the crossover craze

The preparation is not exactly extreme, but it is very different from what is usually done to the 350Z. The suspension is raised, has a significant protection in the front, special off-road tires, additional lighting, rear spoiler, exhaust line, etc.. It has been christened madladyz33, a play on words with Fairlady Z33, as it is known in Japan.

Its owner, Marcus Meyer, is also fond of getting loud, as he has done with his car. On his Instagram account we'll see the 350Z doing some very unusual things, and at a much more moderate speed. If he were to drive that car into any MOT, the operator on duty would have his jaw unhinged like a cartoon.

And yes, like any crossover, it's not supposed to engage in a major rivalry with a Jeep Wrangler or a Land Rover Defender. But it's cool.

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