What is being reviewed in the automatic review?

What is being reviewed in the automatic review?

How to do the overhaul in 2019?

Ministerial revision is a biennial inspection of each new, used or vintage car without which it cannot be driven. The overhaul cannot be carried out by any mechanic, but must be carried out exclusively at the overhaul centers authorized by the Ministry of Transport. This is because the mechanic follows the precise specifications dictated by the Ministry to certify that the car is safe for us, other road users and the environment.

A very simple way to ensure that our inspection is done correctly is to make sure that the mechanic lifts the car with the hoist (or position over the inspection pit) and runs it over the rollers or brake plates.

Lifting the car is essential to perform all underbody checks such as suspension, arms, brakes and pipes. The brake rollers or brake plates are necessary to check the correct functioning of the brakes, to measure the car's emission level and to detect dynamic efficiency and imbalance (the risk of skidding after braking).

What checks are made during the car check-up?

Car inspection performed in the centers authorized by the Ministry of Transport serves to check thesuitability of our car for safe driving on public roads. The checks performed during the inspection are dictated by the new Highway Code and the EU Directive 2010/48 EU. The check includes the following checks:

  1. Caridentification: the number plate and chassis number are checked against the vehicle logbook (to avoid a car in good condition being replaced by a car that does not pass the check).
  2. Tyre check: A car with tyres that are too worn and a tread below the minimum level (less than 1.6 mm) cannot pass the check. It goes without saying that we should only drive with tyres in good condition, regardless of the check-up.
  3. Headlightcheck: The high and low beam headlights, the position lights, the stop indicator and the four arrows are checked. The alignment of the headlight beams is also checked to avoid disturbing cars in the other direction of travel.
  4. Exhaust gascheck: The tailpipe is connected to an exhaust gas analyser which assesses the level of harmful gas emissions. For 2019 it is still mandatory to receive the blue sticker that certifies that the car complies with the emission limits imposed by law.
  5. Brakingsystem: the car is placed on rollers or 4-wheel brake plates to check the effectiveness of the brakes at different speeds. A handbrake check must also be carried out.
  6. Front and rear inspection: the anti-roll bar, suspension arms, underbody, steering box and heads are carefully examined while the car is lifted onto the car stands. For convenience, the shock absorbers and suspension are also inspected at this stage.
  7. Bodywork: In modern body-on-frame cars, the bodywork is a structural part of the car. Therefore, dents, damage, and tear or rust marks can cause the car to fail.
  8. Electrical system: the windscreen wipers and horns, which are essential to ensure visibility and to clear the road of hazards or drivers who are too slow, are inspected for proper operation...
  9. Miscellaneousequipment: there must be all the equipment necessary to change a tyre or to make the car safe after an accident. The necessary equipment is a reflective vest and a reflective triangle, as well as a spare wheel (approved), a spare tyre or a repair kit.

From31 March 2019, the MOT centre is obliged to issue the new inspection certificate in addition to the usual sticker. This new document contains the vehicle identification data along with the mileage of the vehicle at the time of servicing. It serves mainly to discourage the practice of reducing the car's mileage to make it more attractive to buyers, a practice unfortunately still common in Italy. In case you are interested in learning more about car servicing or Certificate of Overhaul 2019, we suggest you take a look at this guide.

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