Lamborghini donates a Huracán to the Italian police force

But let's not get carried away. The purpose of this Italian bull is not to star in spectacular chases through the country, but will serve for urgent organ transport tasks or interventions that require maximum speed as well as patrol work. With so much power under the right foot, quick action can be the key to saving lives.

A refrigerated compartment is integrated in the front luggage compartment, where organs or blood needed for an emergency transplant can be stored. A defibrillator is also included in case you need to help someone who has suffered a sudden cardiac arrest.

3.2 seconds 0-60 mph, 325 mph top speed and a 610 hp V10. No shortage of speed to save lives

To distinguish it as an official car, the bodywork wears the corporate colors of the Italian police (Police Medium Blue with white stripes), sirens on the roof and personalized license plates. Inside, there is an attached camera and recording equipment to keep an eye on police officers on duty, lest one of them abuse this macchina veloce a little bit.

Lamborghini donates a Huracán to the Italian police force

At an event in the city of Rome, Stefano Domenicalli, CEO of the brand, gave the keys to this Huracán to the Minister of the Interior Marco Minniti and the head of the Italian police, Franco Gabrielli. At the event, the Lamborghini Gallardo they were using until now could be seen.

More than one was sure to join the police force to help save lives.

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