Enjoy your Sunday playing Turbo OutRun

So digging a little bit we have found one of its sequels as a playable demo directly in the browser. It's Turbo OutRun, inspired by the "coast to coast" races in the United States, started with the one known as Cannonball Run and held illegally for the first time in 1971.

In TurboOutRun you drive a Ferrari F40 convertible (yes, something that doesn't exist), as a sequel to the Ferrari Testarossa used in the first version of the game, trying to get to Los Angeles before your rival, and trying not to get "the blonde" in each stage at the same time. The comical touch and the speed and simplicity of the game's handling are two key attributes to make you lose some time this Sunday morning with it. The car is driven with the arrow keys, and the space bar is used to apply the turbo.

And if you're into the original OutRun, we recommend you re-encounter it here, at this link, although it's a long way off in its fluidity from anything close to the way the game behaved in the arcade. To get something more decent in refresh rate and response, you should set up a MAME emulator (here) and get the ROM of the game.

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