Tesla CONFRONTO Model 3 vs Model Y

Tesla CONFRONTOU o Model 3 vs. o Model Y

After having tried them both, the time has come to compare the last two born in the Tesla house! Will the spaces and comforts of the raised car that you have with Model Y or the handling of a "classic" sedan like Model 3 win out? Today I will tell you which of the two I would buy.

Design and Interiors

the premium differences are immediately noticeable: those dimensional. In terms of design, the Tesla family feeling is unmistakable and very similar but obviously the different height is noticeable, 144cm for Model 3 and 162cm for Model Y and consequently the different ground clearance, Model 3 has 14cm of space underneath while on Model Y the ground clearance is 16,7 cm.

These differences obviously also affect the internal spaces, the rear trunk, for example on Model Y, is really very large with its own 854 liters and it is also very comfortable to use thanks to the opening left by the very large tailgate, that of Model 3 is still from 425 liters, so not terribly bad but with a much more restricted entrance. Both are equipped with a very large lower cockpit. We find the same difference in the front trunk, where that of Model Y is about twice as deep as Model 3.

Regarding the interior chapter, minimalism reigns supreme, the large central display also, and everything is very similar between the two, but once again the differences are in the dimensions. Especially in the rear on the Model Y there is more legroom than overhead.

Test Drive

All projects Model guide 3 is a sedan, there is little to do, and thehandling è Fantastic, you feel glued to the asphalt at all times. However, it must be said that Model Y manages to hide its height well while driving and on both both acceleration and steering communicative and direct (even if a little heavy) are two distinctive features, the steering in particular on Model 3 I would define as surgical. The radius di swerve however, it seemed to me slightly wider than the average, especially on Model Y. It must also be said that being higher off the ground, she has an additional function off-road which deactivates some electronic controls and allows you to tackle at least dirt roads without problems. Great braking on both, they stay flat and neutral.

Although Tesla is famous for its Autopilot paradoxically I appreciated them more for the pleasure of manual driving than for autonomous driving. He definitely has enormous potential, he's very intelligent and understands every single object that surrounds us but I say he doesn't apply himself enough. Perhaps the problem lies precisely in the fact that being so sensitive it receives too many inputs and in the end it sometimes behaves in an unpredictable way, it does not keep well in the center of the lane or, for example, it brakes for no reason just because we are crossing an oncoming vehicle in the next lane .

Consumption planet 19,4 kWh your model Y e 16.8 kWh your model 3. This of course is a result of the aerodynamic and weight differences, but here we come to the conclusion, which one would i take?


The answer is Model Y, because it is true that it consumes a little more but I really like its versatility, spaciousness and driving position. Model 3 undoubtedly has excellent handling but it's not that that of Model Y is much less, we are talking about differences that are difficult to perceive in everyday use. The price is on the side of Model 3, because with the same engine we are at €54.900 against €60.900 but my answer doesn't change, Model Y with all the strengths and weaknesses that I have told you in the respective articles.

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