"Want a 2018 Challenger SRT Demon? Sign here first."

For example, the customer agrees not to use the racing functions on public roads.

The agreement also informs about the limitations of the Nitto NT05R front drag tires, which are very sensitive to wear on the highway, rain or low temperatures. You have to have an empty brain to use these tires on public roads, or rather, off any drag strip. They are, however, homologated to be used on public roads, that's for sure.

FCA wants to save itself from stupid lawsuits in the US. If a manufacturer sells me a microwave and I heat up nitroglycerin without a warning, I can sue if it explodes... and win. That's how ridiculous it is. The most wonderful thing about that country isn't V8s, it's being able to sue anyone for anything stupid.

The manufacturer does very well to shield itself legally because sooner or later there will be some misfortune. The "inferior" model, the SRT Hellcat with more than 700 hp, has been involved in a few accidents in the wrong hands. Anyway, what percentage of drivers have their heads on straight enough to safely drive such a thing? 1%? Have I gone too far? At least on the McLaren, Bugatti, Koenigsegg... the high price already makes a good sieve. This is worth $85,000 MSRP. There are customers who are putting down 100,000 just to get it delivered sooner, but FCA will honor the correct order.

The agreement stipulates that you must read the instructions before using the car. If everyone did that, accidents would plummet... even with Fiat 500s.

It's just that the agreement makes such obvious points that it's hard to believe. For example, you can order it without a passenger seat, and the agreement implies knowing that it's forbidden to install one at the owner's expense if it's not original. Do you really have to put in such a truism? In the United States, yes.

You can check the document and its ridiculous -but necessary- requirements at Allpar.

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