Mercedes A45 S Class AMG: it dazzles you with its 421 hp

AMG has redefined the parameters of the compact sedan segment, because with class A45 S has created an extreme product, in every sense. Its “small” 2.0-liter 4-cylinder turbo petrol engine has been brought to the disarming power of 421 Cv per 500 Nm of maximum torque. These are mind-boggling numbers, which ensure the car exhilarating performance combined with extremely refined driving dynamics. In order to make the most of it, the track is necessary, on the road, otherwise it is limited. Prices from 63.140 €.

The A45 AMG-class appearance is characteristic, and does nothing to hide its intentions: the matte gray color, the black alloy wheels with the single nut, the widened wheel arches, the four burnished tailpipes, the badges reminiscent the model, the sports bucket seats. Everything about this car is designed to offer the best possible driving experience. The passenger compartment is finished with the typical Mercedes care, the materials are of excellent quality and some details are embellished with upholstery in Alcantara.

The real protagonist, however, is under the hood, that 2.0-liter with the highest specific power in the world: 211 cv/l. The engineers AMG they worked to ensure that the engine was both extremely powerful and reliable. After all, it is unlikely that most customers will be able to take advantage of the enormous reserve of horses available. Thus, on the road there Class A45 she is extremely balanced and docile.

The set-up is rigid but the suspensions work well to absorb the roughness of the ground; traveling within the limits, the engine is silent and the consumptions are all in all discrete, at 110 km / h you travel around 11 km/l. The automatic transmission is an eight-speed double clutch, extremely precise and fluid in engagement and downshifts, it has a different calibration depending on the driving program selected. Speaking of performance, it accelerates from 0 to 100 km / h in 3,9 seconds and touches the 270 km / h of maximum speed.

Dynamic behavior is also excellent: the frame it is solid and the steering is absolutely adequate in suggesting and maintaining the right trajectories. It is highly appreciated in sporty driving, but it remains intuitive even in everyday life for maneuvering and parking. Under the right foot, however, an uncommon artillery for the segment is available, managed in an exceptional way by the 4Matic + all-wheel drive.

A structure that allows you to distribute the torque not only between the two axles, but also between the two rear wheels through a electromechanical differential which uses two multi-disc clutches. In this way it is possible to distribute up to 100% of the torque on the rear wheels alone, and the power oversteer (with the right skills and especially in suitable contexts) becomes easy and manageable. The feeling is that of an extremely car sharp and effective, always ready to amaze.

Life on board is of a high standard and the latest generation of technological equipment: the MBUX infotelematics system is excellent, with augmented reality for navigation and the convenient and useful voice assistant for responding to trivial commands. There is no shortage of special effects such as the ability to illuminate the passenger compartment with 64 different colors which are shown through the LED strips on the dashboard and door panel. Among the few defects, the sound is particularly "capped"Because of the new anti-pollution regulations. And on a sports car of this level, it's a real shame.

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