Mercedes-Benz dealers to start selling MV Agusta motorcycles

Now, as part of the motorcycle brand's future, its bikes will be sold at Mercedes-Benz car dealerships alongside them. And is that Giovanni Castiglioni, president of MV Agusta, has revealed part of the future plans of the company during the launch of the new Brutale 800 in Spain. As Giovanni explained, 127 Mercedes dealerships across Europe will start showing MV Agusta motorcycles and they will be available for purchase there.

In addition MV Agusta will put into limited production the F3 800, a bike that was presented at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 2015 and which equipped a three-cylinder engine, 148 hp at 13,000 rpm, 6-ratio sequential gearbox and 173 kg. This motorcycle symbolizes the alliance between the two companies, with a gold tone paint "Beam Solar" inspired by the Mercedes-AMG GT.

Along with this, and for 2016 MV Agusta will introduce 6 new models, three naked motorcycles and three sport bikes, hoping to make the brand more competitive.

On the other hand and to reassure MV Agusta fans, this motorcycle would be entirely manufactured in the Italian country. Also, it seems that Mercedes-AMG has no interest in buying more shares in the company.

Beware if you like motorcycles and you are going to buy a Mercedes-Benz. If you have a good wallet full of cash, you might end up taking six wheels to your garage.

[Source: BMW Blog]

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