Mazda CX-3 prices for Spain are now available.

    As you may well know by now, the CX-3 aspires to rub shoulders with premium B-SUVs, cars like the recently launched 500X, the MINI Countryman and other "expensive" models. With this in mind, and despite sharing platform and cabin elements with the Mazda2, the Japanese firm has preferred to focus the range on powerful engines and well-equipped models.

    Mazda CX-3 prices for Spain are now available.

    Thus, the "basic" engine, in inverted commas, the CX-3 will be the SkyActivD of 105 hp (average consumption of four liters per 100 kilometers). In gasoline, the most basic engine will be a two-liter 120 horsepower, with another variant of 150 horsepower as the top of the range.

    The CX-3, which will be offered as front-wheel drive or all-wheel drive, will be available with manual or six-speed automatic gearbox, with two levels of equipment, Style and Luxury, although we do not know at the moment what will be standard on each level and what will be optional. I would venture to say that the infotainment system with touchscreen will be standard equipment.

    Depending on the combination of engine, gearbox, type of traction and equipment level, the CX-3 will range between 20,345 euros for the cheapest model, and 29,880 euros (105 hp diesel manual front-wheel drive and Style finish) for the most expensive variant (a priori, the 150 hp petrol with all-wheel drive and Luxury finish).

    Mazda CX-3 prices for Spain are now available.

    To place it in the market, if we look at a 500X 120 hp diesel with the basic finish, it is at 20,650€, and it is more than likely that the Mazda comes more equipped at the same rate.

    In any case, we will have to keep our opinions to ourselves until we finally know all the details of the range of this, surely, future bestseller. Orders and first deliveries will take place this spring.

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