You can play Russian roulette with a Nissan 350Z

This "Need For Speed" driving is funny as long as nothing happens. It reminds me a lot of the videos of a Georgian punk, Giorgi Tevzadze, who seemed to dodge death day in and day out. He died in the passenger seat while a friend was doing similar nonsense, but what a driver he was!

I also very much remember a couple of videos of a BMW 330d driving suicidally through the Czech Republic, they were posted seven years ago, and nothing more was ever heard of the guy in question. There is speculation that he quit smoking due to natural causes (in the strictest sense of the term, it's what was bound to happen).

They are an example of what not to do on a public road. The only notion our protagonist has for road safety is to put a subjective camera on his head, instead of filming it with one hand. Otherwise, he's luckier than Spanish politicians who have won the lottery 20 times... until one day it runs out.

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