Nissan withdraws from the 2016 WEC LMP1 class

    Nissan withdraws from the 2016 WEC LMP1 class

    After all the work done, with an innovative and bold concept and the ambition to compete at the front of the grid, the company has come to the conclusion that the program would not be able to achieve its ambitions, and has decided to focus on developing its more long-term racing strategies.

    Even so, Nissan will continue with its regular programs. It will also continue to support the WEC through its various engine programs, including the recent introduction of the LMP3 engine.

    On the other hand, this news brings us to another big problem. According to information from Jalopnik, the Japanese manufacturer has fired forty or more of the workers of this project by email and without notice. Many of them were on vacation and echoed the news in the press release of the brand, and even those who were not aware of it, were denied access to the facilities in Indianapolis.

    Will they abandon the GT-R LM NISMO LMP1 concept forever, or just the 2016 project? Bad manners and disappointment for those of us who thought they were going to get good results. We are left with two cars less for Le Mans 2016.

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