How many miles do Tesla Model 3 tires last?

How many miles do Tesla Model 3 tires last?

The Tesla Model 3 weighs more than the average car of its size (compared to ICE cars). This, coupled with the model and the sheer amount of torque it often churns out (when you like to flex your foot on the gas) can have a negative effect on tire life. So what is the average mileage on Tesla Model 3 tires?

The Tesla Model 3's tires should be good for anything between 20.000 and 40.000 miles (32.000 and 64.000 km). Factors such as load support, tire type, proper maintenance, driving style and environmental conditions can put its life outside the above mentioned range.

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5 factors that affect the life of your Tesla tire

Factors that determine tire life include:

1. Load supported

The weight distribution between the tires affects the pressure acting on them. In other words, the greater the load on the tires, the more wear they experience. Conversely, a lower vehicular load means your tires will see less stress.

So, a Model 3 with a heavier battery pack (like the Performance or Long Range models) will go through the tires faster than a Standard Plus on average.

Note that the diameter of the tires will also affect the load. Loads will be greater on smaller tires than on larger tires with the same vehicular load. So while a 19-inch tire is more expensive than an 18-inch tire of identical specs, it may last longer.

On a similar note, check out this related article I wrote about best Tesla Model 3 replacement tires. I discussed the best overall tires with Range & Value as comparisons.

2. Type of tyre

In addition to tire size, other characteristics have an impact on tire life. Most of this information is printed on the sidewall of the tires as required by law. This page of the Model 3 Manual explains how to read these numbers.

Tire specifications that affect tire life include:

  • Nominal power. A higher load capacity will mean less strain on the tires.
  • Degree of tread wear. The more tread wear a tire has, the longer it will take to wear out.
  • Degree of traction. The more traction the tire offers, the slower it will wear.
  • Temperature degree. The higher the temperature rating of the tyre, the longer its expected longevity.

In addition to these quantifiable aspects, time and a tire's performance rating will also make or break its longevity. Tires generally have the following ratings:

Also, the front tires of an all-wheel drive Performance or long-range Model 3 will wear faster than the rear tires due to the higher pressure they regularly experience. Likewise, the rear tires on a rear-wheel drive Model 3 Standard Plus will wear faster than its front tires.

Naturally, other qualitative aspects – such as the brand, materials and production technology – also influence the life of the tyres.

3. Proper maintenance (or lack thereof)

To get the most out of your Model 3's tires, you need to care for them properly. For example, under-inflated tires will wear out faster than tires whose air pressure is constantly maintained at recommended levels. As already mentioned, the front and rear tires can wear out at different speeds.

4. Driving style

An aggressive driving style is another factor that can lead to significantly increased tire wear. Examples of this include:

  • Driving excessively fast
  • Accelerate or brake hard
  • Make quick turns
  • Hitting the curb while parking

5. Environmental conditions

Your Model 3's tire life can also be affected by environmental factors, such as:

  • Temperature: Prolonged exposure to high temperatures will adversely affect the life of your car tyres.
  • Humidity: High exposure to water, snow, or humidity can shorten tire life.
  • Terrain: Driving off-road, over rough terrain, or over poorly paved roads and potholes can put all the excess stress on your tires.

Sign that your Model 3's tires need to be replaced

Tire damage

The most obvious sign that your Model 3 needs a tire change is a flat tire. Although punctures smaller than 1/4 inch (6mm) can be temporarily patched, in most cases you will need to replace your tires as soon as possible.

If you'd rather not replace all of your tires at once, you can replace just a couple, but only if you're sure it won't significantly affect your vehicle's performance.

Wear and tear

Your Model 3's tires have wear indicators woven into their tread patterns. When the tires wear down to 3 mm (4/32 in), these patterns will display, indicating it's time for a tire change.

According to Tesla, treads smaller than 3 mm (4/32 in) pose a risk of hydroplaning in wet conditions.

Choosing replacement tires for your Tesla Model 3

The Michelin Primacy MXM4 tires that a Model 3 Standard Plus comes with cost nearly $1.400 for a full set of four. However, it is not necessary to replace them with the same tires. The following table lists the specifications of the Michelin Primacy MXM4 tyre.

As long as your replacement tires meet or exceed the same specifications, you have many options to choose from.

For example, a search on Simple Tire shows that tires with a warranty between 50.000 and 60.000 miles (80.500km and 96.560km) meet these specifications.


How many miles do Tesla Model 3 tires last?

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How many miles do Tesla Model 3 tires last?

1 Tesla

Some of their other video series include guides for each model where they show you how they work and how to get the most out of it. These videos are also a great way to decide which model is best for you.

Quick facts

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2. Tesla daily

Tesla Daily is a news channel about Tesla, with new videos released every day of the week. This channel is a great way to stay up to date with all things Tesla. They discuss Tesla Motors, Tesla Energy, Tesla Solar, and the Tesla Network, as well as stock information for Tesla, Elon Musk, SpaceX, and other related companies.

Since the videos are released daily, they tend to have breaking news. The videos are short, usually fifteen minutes or less, so it's an easy channel to add to your daily routine. In addition to their daily news videos, Tesla Daily has interviews with people in the Tesla community and videos of live Tesla events.

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The Tesla Daily video with the most views is an interview with Jim Cramer, a financial expert. They discuss Tesla stock, Elon Musk, the future of the company, and what sets Tesla stock apart.

3. Tesla owners online

They also have product reviews, car updates, tutorials, and videos from Tesla events they attend.

There is a corresponding Tesla Owners Online Forum where you can find information and discuss anything Tesla with other Tesla fans and owners.


The founder of Tesla Owners Online retired in April 2022, he announced in a video on the channel. The company continues to operate thanks to another company that took it over.

Quick facts

  • Subscribers: 72.7k
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4. It's Kim Java

The first one person Tesla channel I will recommend is It's Kim Java. Kim is a Tesla and lifestyle vlogger showcasing her Model 3 and its amazing features. Many of her videos are about hidden features of the Model X.

It also has many videos where you can see the functionality of the Model X, including its cargo space and how you can upgrade it with off-the-shelf features. Some of his other videos are about other electric vehicles and other Tesla products like Powerwalls. He also has videos about upcoming Tesla products like tesla RoboTaxi and new products like the latest Plaid Model X.

Quick facts

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With over two million views, Kim's most viewed video shows the hidden features of the Model X keychain.

5. Rich Rebuilds

He also reviews Tesla and has some videos on the latest Tesla news and upcoming cars. His videos are great for people who are interested in the inner workings of Tesla and how you can change them.

Overall, Rich seems to criticize Tesla A LOT! He claims to be pro-Tesla and supports the company, but one often gets the sense that he has enormous contempt for the company.

Tesla gives him a hard time because he is openly buying and selling used parts and trying to get salvaged Teslas registered on the net. But he has to abide by company policies when it comes to such sensitive security issues. Otherwise any backyard mechanic can scrape together a Tesla and hold them accountable when something goes wrong.

Quick facts

  • Subscribers: 1.31k
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  • Video views: 158 million

Rich's most popular video asks whether or not you can drown a Tesla motor. Find out whether it is waterproof or not here:

6. Bjørn Nyland

In his videos, you'll get a look at the characteristics of Teslas and how well they drive on long road trips and in different weather conditions. It also has some how-to videos and other helpful information, like what to do if you run out of power and what flaws you should be aware of with Tesla.

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The most viewed video on this channel is a less serious one, in which Bjorn and a friend smash food into the Model X's door and see what happens. This is a fun video for all Tesla lovers and a reminder to keep fingers and other body parts away from doors when they close.

7. Ben Sullins

Most of his videos are car reviews. However, she also has a lot of information about how to live sustainably with products like solar panels, electric walls and electric cars.

All of its reviews are independent, which means you can trust them more than most paid reviews. She uses the products in her home and in her life, so she's not just testing them for review purposes.

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8. Now you know

The channel also has an in-depth series where they dive deep into how electric cars work and answer some common questions about electric vehicles.

They also have a lot of videos on Elon Musk and non-Tesla related topics, which you will enjoy if you enjoy their content.

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Now You Know's most viewed video is about the Model 3 and how much it costs to load it. They compare the cost of recharging the car to the cost of purchasing gas for a non-electric car.

9. Meat

Tesla Inventory – aka DÆrik is a channel all about a guy named Erik and his experiences with Tesla cars. It has many how-to videos that show you how to get the most out of your Tesla, no matter what model you have. Before installing items, it does unboxing so you can see what you get when you order a product.

It also has many solar panel videos, including reviews and installation videos for Tesla Powerwalls and how Powerwalls can help you save money on your electric bill. Tesla Inventory has many weekly live streams where Erik talks about current Tesla news, upcoming events and products, and Tesla pricing changes.

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10. i1Tesla

i1Tesla is a channel with many videos about Tesla. They show you how you can redo, upgrade and get the most out of your car.

Many of their videos are aimed at other Model Y owners looking to upgrade their car and people who are considering a Model Y and want to learn more about its features and the options they have for customizing it.

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i1Tesla has a few non-Tesla videos featuring cats and babies, which are actually the top five most viewed videos on the channel. However, the most viewed Tesla video on the channel is about the Tesla Model 3's auto stop feature and whether or not it will stop when a person is in front of the car.

11. Joy Tesla

Many of Joy's videos are helpful for people who want to own or already own a Tesla. You have car tours, insurance information, and reviews after you've owned the vehicles for certain periods of time. Other videos are about finances, such as how to afford a Tesla and how to power your Tesla without using too much electricity. You also have videos on other electric vehicles.

Quick facts

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Joy's most watched video talks about her Model 3 and five things she doesn't like. She has a suggestion or solution for some of the things she doesn't like.

Comparative table of earnings

Honorable mention: Warren Redlich – Mostly tech videos especially Tesla, SpaceX, Neuralink, The Boring Company and other Elon Musk related topics.


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