License 125: cost, exam, test and how to do it in 2020

License 125: cost, exam, test and how to do it in 2020

What is the 125 license?

If we talk about licenses, the 125 license is the next step after the 50 license in chronological order. In fact, it is the last license before the ever coveted B license (which authorizes you to drive a car).

The official name for the 125 license in the Highway Code is the A1 license. If we look at the back of any driving licence we can see that the 125 licence is indicated as the A1 licence, immediately after the AM licence and before the A2 licence.

What are the requirements for the 125 licence?

Many people often wonder what it takes to get a 125 license and finally get behind the wheel of their moped or minicar.

Basically, the only requirement to be able to get a 125 license is tobe 16 years old. From this day on you can take the theory test with a questionnaire and get your learner's permit. Once you have obtained the pink sheet, you can practice and then take the practice test. In a short time we have the famous 125 license!

What is the age of the 125 license?

As mentioned above, to obtain the 125 license you must be at least 16 years old. In fact, you can't register for the theory test until you are sixteen years old.

One aspect underestimated by many is that you can register for a driving course before you turn 16. This way, the more hurried can take the theory test within a month of completion and get their driving licence within a few months of turning sixteen.

Can I drive a 125 with a B license?

We sometimes hear that to ride a 125 motorcycle you need to have a 125 licence. This is only true if you have no other driving licence, as is the case for many minors.

Anyone who has a higher driving qualification, such as a B licence or an A3 licence to ride a large motorcycle, can obviously ride a 125.

For motorcycles with a displacement of more than 125 cc it is necessary to obtain an A3 licence. With a B licence I can drive a 125 but not a larger motorcycle.

How much does the 125 licence cost?

The cost of the 125 licence varies depending on how you choose to obtain your licence. Those who opt to DIY and take the tests will spend less than those who rely on a driving school.

If you choose to go for the 125 driving license at a driving school, the cost of the 125 license varies from place to place being a free market. Normally all the practice along with the courses will not cost less than 400 euros. In some cities it is not uncommon to find driving schools, the cost of the 125 driving license is even 1000 euros!

Who wants to spend less can do everything as a private citizen and in this case the cost of the 125 license is limited to the bureaucratic costs related to the bureaucratic practices of the license. There are two payments to be made for the stamps, respectively 16 and 24 euros. Then you have to pay the cost of the anamnestic certificate, normally not more than 100 euros, to which you have to add another 16 euros for the stamp. The reservation of the theoretical exam costs 16 euros.

In conclusion, it can be said that the cost of the 125 licence is between 400 and 1000 euros for those who go to a driving school and just under 200 euros for private individuals.

What does the 125 licence questionnaire consist of?

Whoever wants to obtain the 125 license must pass the 125 license test. This test is exactly the same as the B license test. It is no coincidence that those who have already taken the 125 licence do not have to repeat the theory test for the B licence.

The test consists of 40 simple questions to which you answer true or false. The duration of the test is 30 minutes and only 4 mistakes can be made. On the fifth mistake the test is considered cancelled and must be repeated at a later date.

Once you have passed the 125 license test, you will get a pink slip that will allow you to practice driving a motorcycle or a car.

How long does the 125 licence pink slip last?

Before you take your 125 licence practice test, you need to familiarise yourself with driving your vehicle. To do this legally, you drive with the pink sheet.

The pink sheet is valid for 6 months from the date of passing the 125 driving licence theory test.

How do I take the 125 driving licence practical test?

The 125 driving licence practical test is considered by many to be child's play. This is certainly true if you have had a lot of practice on a motorcycle.

The 125 licence practical test is made up of a series of tests in which the ability to hold the vehicle and the respect of the rules of the Highway Code are evaluated. In fact, the test is carried out both on a closed circuit and on public roads.

On the closed circuit, skittles and cones are used to simulate tight steering, braking corridors and traffic slalom. On public roads, on the other hand, we are followed by the examiner who gives us instructions to follow via megaphone or transceiver.

Is it possible to obtain a 125 licence as a private car driver?

As already explained, the 125 licence can also be obtained as a private driver. In this case, the aspiring driver must have all the documentation and go to the Motorizzazione Civile for the booking of the theoretical exam.

From the point of view of the 125 license there is no difference if you get it through a driving school or a private car.

125 licence and 125 licence: what changes?

Driving licence and licence are just two names commonly used to refer to the same term. The A1 or 125 licence, and vice versa, are exactly the same as driving licences.

From a bureaucratic and official point of view the correct term is always A1 licence.

What do you drive with the 125 licence?

As the name "125 licence" already suggests, with the A1 licence you can drive motorcycles or light quadricycles with a maximum displacement of 125 cc, a power not exceeding 11 kW and a power/weight ratio not exceeding 0.1 kW/kg.

The 125 licence also allows you to drive tricycles with a power not exceeding 15 kW (the common Piaggio ApeCar) or agricultural machinery with the same power as the motorcycles described above.

Can two people drive with a 125 licence?

From the age of 16 the driver can legally carry a passenger in any approved vehicle. Regardless of the motorcycle or minicar with the A1 licence, it is therefore possible to carry a passenger.

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