Where, how much does it cost and how often do you service your bike?

Where, how much does it cost and how often do you service your bike?

What is a motorcycle inspection?

A motorcycle check is a procedure provided for in the Highway Code and mandatory by law. The purpose of a motorcycle check is to ensure that the vehicle is in a condition to ride safely on the road without being dangerous to the rider or other road users.

Anyone familiar with the procedure for servicing cars will find nothing new in terms of the length of the service or the procedure itself which, as we shall see, is very similar indeed.

When is the first motorcycle service done?

Any newly purchased motorcycle, scooter or moped will not have to have its first service until the end of the fourth year from the date of registration. This is because a new motorcycle is supposed to be less likely to be a danger to road users because it has not yet suffered wear and tear on its components.

In short, if we don't know when the motorcycle's first service is, the answer is simple. The first revision of the motorcycle must be done after four years from the date of registration, within one month of registration. This means that a bike purchased in July 2020 will have to undergo its first service no later than July 2024.

How often should the bike be serviced?

Once you have defined when the first bike service will take place, you need to know how often the next bike service will take place. The motorcycle should be serviced every two years, within a month of the previous service.

If you take back our first motorcycle, once the first service has been done in July 2024, the second service must be done before and no later than July 31, 2026. The two-year deadline ensures that cars on the road are always in good condition and are not a danger to everyone.

What to do in case of an expired motorcycle service?

If you're not sure how long your last service was done, you may be wondering what to do if your bike service has expired. You should do the same in the case of an expired car review.

In the case of an expired motorcycle check-up, you should not drive the car and the vehicle should remain locked in a garage or other private property. The moment you decide to drive the motorcycle again with an expired motorcycle service, you must first make an agreement with a service centre and book the service. Secondly, you must arrange for the vehicle to be transported in an equipped van.

Once you have passed the motorcycle service you can drive the vehicle again without any problems. Remember that if you start driving a motorcycle with an expired motorcycle inspection, in addition to the penalties provided for by the Highway Code, you may encounter other problems. The most serious of these problems occurs in the event of an accident involving a vehicle with an expired inspection. In fact, the owner of the vehicle could be covered by insurance and all the costs of compensation could be charged to the victims involved.

What is the cost of the 2020 motorcycle inspection?

The cost of the 2020 motorcycle checkup varies depending on where you choose to have the checkup done. The cost is set at 66.88 euros, VAT included, if you have a private review center, while if you go to the Civil Motorization the cost will be 45 euros.

Logically, the cost of the 2020 revision motorbike is higher in a private revision centre due to the need to take care of the administrative procedures that would normally be carried out by the civil motor vehicle.

In some cases, the cost of the 2020 motorcycle overhaul may exceed the above figures if you go to garages that are not overhaul centers. These garages may accept your application but will have to rely on another service centre with a consequent increase in costs.

How much does it cost to service a 125 scooter?

If you are asking how much does 125 scooter servicing cost, the answer is very simple. The costs of scooter servicing are fixed irrespective of the vehicle's displacement.

The 125 scooter review costs 66,88 euros in case you go to a private review center or 45 euros in case you go to civilian motor vehicles. Remember that the cost may increase if you rely on a garage acting as an intermediary between us and the revision centre.

How much does the scooter 50 overhaul cost?

When you ask what the scooter 50 servicing cost is the answer is the same as the scooter 125 servicing cost: motorcycle servicing costs are fixed regardless of the vehicle's displacement.

A scooter 50 service costs 66.88 euros at a private service centre or 45 euros at the Civil Motorisation.

How much does the motorcycle test cost?

The motorcycle test is just another name for the first motorcycle service. From a practical point of view nothing changes compared to the review and therefore the cost of the motorcycle test remains unchanged.

Therefore, the cost of the motorcycle test is the same as the cost of the motorcycle inspection.

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