Vignette Switzerland 2020: cost, duration and all the details

Vignette Switzerland 2020: cost, duration and all the details

What is the Swiss vignette for?

The Swiss vignette is the means of payment required to drive on Swiss motorways and dual carriageways since 1985. It is a square sticker about 6 cm by 6 cm showing the motorway symbol, the year of validity and the serial number. It is no coincidence that it is also called the Swiss sticker.

In Italy, motorway tolls are paid at the toll booth for each individual section. This means that to travel on the same route 3 times you will pay 3 tolls. This is why the Italian motorway network is one of the most expensive in the world.

By contrast, to drive on a motorway in Switzerland you only have to buy a single Switzerland 2020 vignette. Once the Swiss vignette has been affixed to the windscreen of your car, you can drive until the end of its validity without having to pay any tolls.

The Swiss motorway sticker must be purchased no matter how many times you drive on Swiss motorways. Logically, as there is only one tariff, the more routes you drive, the lower the cost per route.

Swiss vignette and vignette: what changes?

The official name of the Swiss vignette is actually"Motorway Sticker". The common jargon refers to this toll with the Swiss motorway vignette.

The term "Swiss vignette" is merely a second name that is commonly used to identify the Swiss vignette. Therefore, there is no difference between the vignette and the Swiss vignette 2020.

What is the Swiss 2020 motorway cost vignette?

Of all the aspects of motoring-related taxation and taxation, the cost of the Swiss vignette is perhaps the simplest: in fact, there is only one Swiss vignette for all motorists.

The cost of the 2020 Swiss vignette is set at 40 Swiss francs, which is just under 38 euros. This figure is unique and fixed, it does not change depending on the car you drive or the route you take. If you want to make a trip to Switzerland, you should be aware that you will also pay the cost of the Swiss vignette for a single day on the motorways of the Swiss Confederation.

Who has to pay the Swiss vignette 2020?

All cars, motorcycles, vans and trailers up to 3.5 tonnes total weight, not just tares, are subject to the Swiss vignette 2020. So be careful not to drive a vehicle over 3.5 tonnes, as you may find yourself liable to pay the heavy vehicle tax (see below).

There is no Swiss motorway vignette 2020 at a reduced rate for motorcycles or small cars. The cost of the Swiss 2020 vignette is unique and unchanging.

How long does the Swiss 2020 vignette last?

Since 1985, the Swiss vignette 2020 has lasted for 12 months, from 1 December to 31 January of the following year. As with the cost of the Swiss 2020 vignette, there is no variability in the duration, which remains fixed at the interval described above. Therefore, the purchase of a Swiss vignette in August will have fewer months available than the purchase in January.

In the specific case of the duration of the Swiss vignette 2020 the validity is from 1 December 2019 to 31 January 2021.

Where to buy the Vignette 2020?

The Swiss vignette can be purchased both within the Swiss Confederation and in any country bordering Switzerland, including, of course, Italy. The motorway sticker can be purchased in Switzerland at petrol stations , in various car parks and garages, at post offices and at Touring Club Switzerland (TCS) agencies.

In Italy, the Swiss vignette 2020 can be purchased near border crossings or directly at various locations of the Automobile Clubof Italy (ACI).

Where can I find the Swiss vignette 2020?

In the case of cars, the Swiss vignette must be placed in a clearly visible place on the windscreen. However, there is no specific legal position on where the Swiss vignette should be affixed to the windscreen.

We recommend that you place it in the lower left-hand corner of the windscreen in relation to the driver. This will not reduce the driver's field of vision.

On all vehicles without a windscreen or in the case of trailers, the Swiss vignette 2020 must be fixed to a part of the vehicle that is not removable and is easily visible to inspectors.

Where to affix the Swiss motorcycle vignette?

In the case of a motorcycle, the Swiss vignette 2020 must be fixed to a part of the motorcycle that is not removable and is easily visible to inspectors. The best place to fix it is on a part of the chassis that is not subject to rubbing by the motorcyclist to avoid the risk of damaging or tearing the Swiss vignette.

We remind you that the 2020 Swiss vignette cannot be applied to the windshield or top box of a motorcycle, as these parts are removable. In fact, someone could dismantle the removable part and mount it on another bike to avoid paying the Swiss vignette 2020 twice.

How do I avoid the Swiss vignette 2020?

Anyone who drives one of the vehicles subject to the Swiss Vignette 2020 must pay it and display itvisibly. There are no tricks or tricks to avoid this toll.

It is also prohibited if the vignette is purchased but not affixed to the vehicle.

What is the fine for driving without a vignette on the Swiss motorway 2020?

If you drive on Swiss motorways and expressways without the motorway vignette, you will incur a fine of 200 francs (equivalent to approximately €175) in addition to the purchase of the vignette which will be affixed to the vehicle.

This fine also applies to anyone who purchases the 2020 Swiss vignette but fails to properly affix it to the vehicle or is found to be using it on multiple vehicles.

Is there a weekly Swiss vignette for 2020?

There is no weekly, monthly or daily Swiss vignette. The Swiss vignette is unique in cost and duration.

Be wary of people or sites that try to sell you vignettes with different durations or prices because they are not regular.

Which vehicles are exempt from the Swiss vignette? Motorways

Certain categories of "special" vehicles are exempt from paying the Swiss vignette 2020. Let us therefore look at the long list of exemptions for the Swiss motorway sticker:

  • Fixed trailers, trailers towed by motor vehicles and sidecars.
  • Vehicles of foreign governments on official business
  • Vehicles of intergovernmental organisations with existing agreements with the Federal Council
  • Vehicles of the Swiss police and armed forces
  • Ambulances and fire brigade vehicles
  • Vehicles used for fire, disaster or accident rescue operations
  • Light motor vehicles and tractors which, on the basis of a mention in the driving licence, may tow semi-trailers subject to the heavy goods vehicle fee

Can a used Swiss 2020 vignette be reused?

Once attached to a car or motorcycle, the Swiss 2020 vignette cannot be removed and used on another vehicle. This is not only illegal, but also difficult, as the Swiss vignette is pre-cut and breaks easily when removed from the glass.

Given the relatively low cost, we do not recommend trying to reuse the Swiss vignette on several cars. Remember that in Italy you pay much higher taxes such as the 2020 car vignette.

In which cases can the 2020 Swiss vignette be replaced?

There are some cases in which the Swiss vignette can be legally removed and replaced with another one for free. If the windscreen is broken or the windscreen is damaged and the Swiss vignette is damaged, you can apply for a new one.

In the case of foreign vehicles, you only have to present the old sticker (or what is left of it) and the invoice for the replacement or repair of the windscreen at customs. For vehicles registered in Switzerland, the replacement of the Swiss 2020 sticker is the responsibility of the insurance company.

What is the difference between the Swiss motorway sticker and the HGV tax?

The Swiss motorway sticker is compulsory for all vehicles up to a total weight of 3.5 tonnes. Once this weight has been exceeded, each vehicle must pay the HGV tax.

Unlike the Swiss vignette, the HGV tax varies according to the emission class of the vehicle (Euro 0, Euro 6, etc.) and the weight of the vehicle (vehicle + transported goods).

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