This is the world's smallest V8 engine

    It is manufactured by Conley Precision and they have named it Stinger 609. According to the manufacturer, this engine has less than one hundred cubic centimeters, offers 5.5 hp of power and climbs to over 10,000 rpm. A true work of precision and craftsmanship.

    This engine has been designed to be installed in radio control cars, especially in dragster models. Imagine having a radio control car, starting it up and hearing the tinkle of a V8...... It's almost dreamy.

    Some of you have already been curious about this engine, so I have to ask for patience. Because I haven't told you the price yet and it's something to take into account, because it's not cheap. We are talking about 5,695 dollars, which would be about 4,500 €. You have to like radio controlled cars to make this investment. That or have the money as a sentence.

    For those of us who do not have the virtue of sleeping on euro or dollar bills, we can see it in operation in the video that you will find above the article. You can't miss it.

    This is the world's smallest V8 engine

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