SSC Tuatara is truly the fastest car in the world: record achieved

In recent months they have been published several speed records obtained from hypercar stradali, Such as Bugatti Chiron Super Sport 300+, Koenigsegg Agera RS, Hennessey Venom F5 e SSC Tuatara; this latest super-aerodynamic car was the one it got caused the greatest stir due to a record not officially confirmed.

The American manufacturer to get the coveted title of "fastest in the world", has therefore carried out in the last period numerous tests of speed in order to guarantee a result close to expectations enthusiasts and, of course, investors. SSC has therefore succeeded in the enterprise by registering a full speed, "Round trip" of 455,3 Km / h effectively beating the previous 447 km / h achieved by Koenigsegg Agera RS in 2017.

It is a considerable value to be achieved with an approved vehicle on the road, but also decisively distant from the previous one and not confirmed 532,7 Km / h speed, almost 80 km / h difference. Measurements were made with asRacelogic instrumentation VBOX 3i approved according to ISO standards. The figures speak for themselves: 450,1 km / h outward, 460,4 km / h in return and an average of 455,3 km / h. To make the proof more unassailable Racelogic USA, Life Racing, Garmin and IMRA (International Mile Racing Association) have been called upon to certify the results.

To reach the new record, the American surface-to-ground missile was fueled with an E85 blend of ethanol and petrol which allows you to push the 8-liter V6,9 engine to a maximum power of 1.774 CV; in street configuration, with petrol a 91 there, Tuatara stops "just" 1370 hp.

Designed in collaboration with Jason Castriota, former Pininfarina designer, and born to replace Aero, Tuatara is made entirely of carbon fiber, with some parts (such as the suspension support) in aluminum; in this way the manufacturer managed to keep the weight area of hypercar, the dry, around 1200 Kg.

Expected in just 100 specimens, all built at the West Richland headquarters in Washington, SSC Tuatara has a list price close to 1.5 million euros. How long will this new speed record last? It will remain undefeated for months or more recent 2000hp hypercars, come Aspark Owl, will they succeed in ousting the American proposal? We recently witnessed a real growth of the electric and hybrid world applied to the super sports segment, the hypercars, what will be the figures at stake? All questions to which at the moment there is no certain answer and therefore we just have to wait patiently.

Below we leave you the video of the test with driving the owner of one of the 100 specimens: Larry Caplin.

SSC Tuatara is truly the fastest car in the world: record achieved
Audio Video SSC Tuatara is truly the fastest car in the world: record achieved
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