Best electric bicycles | May 2021

Electric bicycles, or e-bike, they are a vehicle not yet widespread, but at the same time they are a valid alternative for short city trips and their use leads to many advantages: the first is that from environmental side fewer cars are used and air quality in cities is improved; the second is sanitary because the risk of infection through public transport is reduced and crowded with people is avoided; and finally doing a some physical activity can do us nothing but good!

Just like their "normal" counterparts, these electric bicycles have aspects and features that are more or less suited to city ​​life, thanks to their ability to close easily, or with versions fat bike they prove to be more extreme but at the same time reliable and safe for the roughest terrains.

In this selection then we have collected you the best electric bicycles on the market, in order to guide you in purchasing this vehicle that can improve our life. Get comfortable and let's find out who will be yours new adventure companion!

The best electric bicycles

  • NCM London
  • Silver Performance
  • Argento Bike Bimax
  • Bikfun
  • Revoe Urban
  • Dyu D3 +
  • I-Bike Mtb Mub
  • Nilox
  • Maserati MA-FAT20FB

Best electric bicycles | May 2021

NCM London

Best electric bicycles | May 2021La NCM London is an e-bike designed to be elegance e practice in the hectic city life, in fact the folding frame it allows quick and easy storage which, without the use of tools, allows it to enter the smallest spaces or even in a case. The engine of theNCM London offers 6 different levels of pedal assistance and is designed to be compact and lightweight to keep the total weight as low as possible without sacrificing power, in fact i 250W are optimized to carry the maximum speed at 25 km / h. Battery DeHawk removable lithium-ion battery has an autonomy of 100 km in pedal assist mode, and thanks to a USB port integrated can keep all your electronic devices charged while driving. If you are looking for a lot of comfort, without hassle, la Ncm London is the electric bicycle that's right for you.

Silver Performance

Best electric bicycles | May 2021You are looking for a suitable bicycle both to be used in the city and for the dirt road? Model Performance by Argento is the e-bike that's right for you, in fact the special wheels Kenda da 27.5 '' make the bicycle agile and fast even on the most inaccessible terrains such as gravel and sand, all while maintaining the maximum level of comfort with the Royal padded saddle. The rear engine 8FUN, with 5 levels of assistance to pedaling and the Samsung battery da 10.4Ah improve the execution of the most difficult climbs, and bring the80km autonomy maintaining the pedal stroke, and through the LCD display we are able to control the main functions of the e-bike.

Argento Bike Bimax

Best electric bicycles | May 2021La Argento Bimax is a foldable Fat e-bike, made to be comfortable and easily transportable by car or on public transport, but at the same time full of character. The wide wheels 4 ", the suspension fork and the rear spring shock absorbers make this e-bike suitable for all intents and purposes any type of terrain, even with the safety ofbraking system consisting of a double front and rear hydraulic disc. The Shimano exchange to 7 reports guarantees the highest level of performance together with the brushless rear motor and a battery Samsung lithium-ion da 36V 10.4Ah, easily removable, which make the Bimax a vehicle fromstylish appearance, suitable for any circumstances and from excellent performance.


Best electric bicycles | May 2021The folding bike Bikfun, with its aluminum frame as lightweight as it is resistant, makes it a durable tool as well as easy to store and transport. completely painted with colors antirust and anti-exposure, this bicycle features a particular suspension fork in carbon steel, and has 3 modes of operation. By pressing the button Smart Meter, Complete with LED that show the speed, allows a total control and personalization of the driving experience. The lithium battery from 8.000mAh supports at least 25km in electric mode or 50km  in assisted pedaling, while as regards the brakes of this bicycle we are faced with a system with front and rear discs with a lot of transmission Shimano a 21 speed which makes the Bikfun perfect for the city as well as for climbing on dirt roads.

Revoe Urban

Best electric bicycles | May 2021If you are gods beginners of the e-bike world and you are looking for a vehicle with familiar shapes and low costs, the Revoe Urban she will be the one who will transform your concept of transport forever. Thanks to a aluminum frame which gives it a remarkable lightness (17kg) and thanks to the 14 ", this e-bike is able to go up to 40km of autonomy with its removable lithium-ion battery from 7,8Ah. Safety on board the Revoe Urban it is very important, and is perceived by the presence of front and rear led lights, from the presence of a LCD display with 3 assistance modes and the presence of a brake system V-Brake, including drum. Extremely practical and light, the REVOE Urban electric bicycle it can prove a great choice to start with pedal effortlessly.

Dyu D3 +

Best electric bicycles | May 2021Going around with the electric bike Dyu D3 +  you will often happen to attract attention of all the curious around you, it is no coincidence that this e-bike is designed with a dolphin shape which gives a trendy and streamlined silhouette, all while remaining anyway folding. This e-bike is equipped with Smart App Control, and in fact it will be enough to scan a code QR, in order to be able to control and monitor the functions of the vehicle via smartphone. The battery from 10 Ah ensures autonomy up to 50km, performance made possible also by the presence of a cruise control with 3 driving modes (electrical, service and manual) and a battery management system. The fact that the Dyu D3 + is equipped with certification of IP54 waterproof makes it practical to use even in bad weather, and the presence of front and rear lights guarantee greater safety even at night.

I-Bike Mtb Mub

Best electric bicycles | May 2021THE I-Bike Mtb MubMountain Mud, is a fully electric mountain bike Made in Italy, perfect for the city but that ensures one comfortable driving even on more rugged terrain such as undergrowth, paths or even pavement thanks to its 29 wheels rese solid da magnesium alloy wheels. The presence of a cadence sensor high precision optimizes the reaction times of the motor ignition (250w brushless) through the use of 12 magnets high precision, while the rechargeable lithium-ion battery from 13Ah it is fully integrated into the frame so as to give the mountain bike a very clean aesthetic line. The possibility of loading fino a 150Kg and the presence of a gearbox Shimano with 21 ratiosi make this e-bike the perfect companion for lovers of long journeys backpacker, dominating any type of terrain.

Nilox X2

Best electric bicycles | May 2021 The electric bicycle Nilox X2 it is a pure concentrate of technology, as its particular design shows. Equipped with an assisted pedaling that favors from the first meters, this bike is able to travel up to 25 km thanks to its battery from 36V integrated in the frame and which recharges in just 2 hours. Just one simple gesture to close or open this electric bicycle proving to be the perfect travel companion even by car or on vehicles. With his 25 km/h of maximum speed, stability is a fundamental feature of this e-bike, in fact thanks to the 16 " and of handlebar controls you will be able to manage everything quickly while connecting through the app Nilox Doc it is instead possible to monitor all the travel data with a simple click.

Maserati MA-FAT20FB

Best electric bicycles | May 2021Raise your hand if you have at least once dreamed of saying the phrase “I bought myself a Maserati!“, Well now your dream can come true! This signature electric bicycle Maserati, it's a fat bike with style powerful and proud, for those who love challenges, adventure and fans of the famous and historical car brand. Extremely light and fast yet just as powerful, this e-bike is perfect for off-road but also for use in the city thanks to its 20 wheels thick and tough that can cope any type of terrain. The frame is completely lightweight aluminum and together with the engine Xiondga 250W and one battery LG built for long life, makes it possible to travel up to 30km without thinking about charging. With Maserati Ma-Fat 20 Fb you will have power and performance accompanied by one unique, modern and unmistakable style.

How to choose an e-bike

In case of buying an e-bike it is important to know what kind of product you are looking for, so we are here to provide you with a small but essential mirror so that you will never be unprepared for the wide choice that the market offers.


As anticipated, use remains the most important factor in choosing the most suitable e-bike according to your needs, in fact only you know if you need a device designed for Sunday walks, or a hybrid vehicle in case of offering excellent performance. even in case of rain, as you will use it under any circumstances.

e-bike or hybrid?

With such a purchase proposal it is easy to find types of bicycles that are not completely electric, but have a simple motorized system that facilitates some movements. However, it is important to be able to grasp the differences and decide which one to buy, as always, based on the use you thought you were going to make, so that you can make the most of it.


As with any device that bases its operation on a person to be transported, the maximum load is a very important factor that you must take into account to avoid running into unpleasant surprises such as the engine that is not able to provide the necessary thrust to support the march. This is why it is always important to inquire about the maximum transportable load, and to keep in mind even the winter you must also add the weight of clothes, coats and any backpacks.


To facilitate moving around the city, the perfect e-bike needs to be foldable, so that it can be stored in the car and used in any eventuality or to be loaded on the vehicle without too many encumbrances. Of course, sometimes it could affect the appearance of the product, but the practicality and convenience of reducing spaces wins over a few too many joints!


We conclude the selection of the main features to take into consideration when buying an e-bike by talking about the wheels, in fact the type of wheels. In fact, if you are looking for an e-bike to be used only in good weather conditions, you can make the choice with a certain lightness, but if you want a vehicle replaced or complementary to the car, you should look for something capable of adhering to the ground in any climatic condition.

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