Gran Turismo Sport Debuts Closed Beta

Gran Turismo Sport Debuts Closed Beta

Participants will be able to enjoy a preview of the title that will set the stage for the future of racing, with high-level competition against other players from across the country and even around the world. Players will be able to choose from a select range of cars and tracks each day to compete online against other players in the beta stages.

During this period the car and track selections will vary.

In addition, there will be different race categories and track configurations to test all Gran Turismo players. The introduction of the "Sportsmanship Rating" (which records player conduct on the track) and "Driver Rating" (which represents the player's overall speed and racing performance) will ensure fairness in matches between participants, thus creating a balanced group of competitive drivers in each race we race.

The first phase will only be available in the US from March 17th, but as the beta grows in size, those who have signed up or received a direct email will be eligible to participate in phase 2. Said email goes to the console's messaging service, but we don't know if they'll be using some sort of method to determine which users might be able to take advantage of this closed test (check your account over the next week, you never know). Fans should stay tuned, as spots are limited.

During the initial phase the servers will be open for users at certain times of the day, which will be posted prior to the beta launch on PlayStation Spain's social networks and

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