Do Tesla Model 3 batteries really last 1 million kilometers? Let's find out

    As baterias do Tesla Model 3 realmente duram 1 milhão de quilômetros? Vamos descobrir

    We will therefore try to analyze the differences in battery performance of various Model 3s comparing the behavior of new cars with those used for a certain mileage, trying to compare real performance with those explained by Elon Musk. The CEO of the Californian company had declared that "the units useful for the movement and the bodywork of the Model 3 have been designed like those of a 1 million kilometer commercial truck. Current battery packs should last from 480.000 to 800.000 km (1.500 recharge cycles), and it will cost $5.000 to $7.000 to replace them)."

    So, according to the charging cycles, a Tesla Model 3 Standard should guarantee a battery life of 580.000 km, while a Model 3 Long Range approx 750.000 km. In fact, the first guarantees an autonomy of 386 km on average, while the second reaches 520 in some cases.

    A charge cycle is not simply calculated by completely discharging the battery from 100% to 0%, but also by taking it from 100% to 50% twice, or even from 66% to 33% three times and so on.

    Starting from these bases, we add that the American Department of Transport has found that an American travels an average of 21.687 km a year, therefore it will take several years before reaching the aforementioned 480.000 or 800.000 km, and much less to exceed the guarantee threshold, which stands at "8 years or 190.000 km" for the Model 3 Long Range and "8 years or 160.000 km" for the base version. Finally, 3,7 years will be required to cover the 80.000 km on which the study is mostly based.

    His thesis is supported by the findings of 2.636 other Model 3 owners who, by sharing the use of their batteries, contributed to the creation of a very clear graph, which highlights the great resistance of the components used by the Californian company (find an explanatory graphic via this link). Observing it, it is possible to see the degradation up to i 150.000 or 350.00 km, but very few owners have had such a mileage. Anyway for all of them battery performance was above 90%, so if you want to treat yourself to a Tesla but you are afraid of battery life, don't have one, because durability is practically guaranteed, and if we have to answer the question of the title, we can do it positively without too much fear.

    The Californian company also intends to implement batteries capable of traveling 1,6 million kilometers in 20 years. From the latest patents filed it is possible, in a partial way, to understand how

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