Rolls-Royce Dawn, it's official

There's no room for any surprises. The aesthetics are as expected from a Wraith with a folding roof. The car drinks from the design genetics of the latest models of the firm, although it is true that I am one of those who prefer the aesthetic solutions applied to the coupe.

The roof has six layers, to ensure maximum acoustic and climatic comfort. The cabin receives the usual treatment of fine materials and luxury finishes to suit the customer's taste that those of the British double R's have been used to for more than a century. It takes 22 seconds to retract the roof, automatically operable up to 50 km / h, revealing four "full" seats for four adults.

The Dawn is powered by a V12 with 567 horsepower and 780 Nm of torque at 1,500 rpm. Yes, at 1,500 revolutions per minute it gives more than 750 Nm of torque... that's nothing. The gearbox is automatic and receives the help of GPS to predict the gears it will need to insert and anticipate them.

Luxury and ostentation those of the Dawn that will come at a stratospheric price. They say that if you have to ask is that you can not afford it, but with the Wraith located on the 245,000 € in its basic version, the Dawn is sure to cross the 300,000 € effortlessly.

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