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    Ferrari Purosangue, here's how it could be on the road

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    For several years the Prancing Horse brand has managed to avoid the segment of high-wheeled cars but, as Lamborghini pointed out on several occasions, the results obtained with Urus are so important that they also want to attract the Maranello brand. For this reason and to offer one valid alternative to buyers, the first Sport Utility of Maranello (called FUV) aims to overtake Lamborghini Urus, renewing a challenge that has been rooted in the Motor Valley for several years now.


    Spotted on several occasions, including in the snow, Purosangue seems almost ready to face the final stages of testing. In the past few weeks, we have reported some speculations regarding the power train of this vehicle; however, the most recent footage suggests how the much appreciated V12 Ferrari, perhaps for the last time in anticipation of a gradual electrification. We are not yet aware of the spec sheet, but it is to be expected that the potency can overtake or overtake the cavalry of Urus which we remember being 650 horsepower.

    The traction should be all-wheel and, as with the GTC4 Lusso, they are provided two engines: the more powerful V12 and a more contained “hybrid” V8 perhaps inherited from the SF90 Stradale, with lower cavalry. In terms of performance we can wait for a click from 0 to 100 in just under 4 seconds and a top speed of over 300 km / h.


    Numerous innovations awaited in terms of look; Over the last few months, numerous forklifts have been spotted and some design hypotheses have been suggested. CarWOW, in the past few hours, has published some renderings about it that highlight the muscular lines of the new Thoroughbred. Key aspects include slim and tapered headlights, similar to those of Rome, and a rear end close to that of the newly born 296 GTB. For the cockpit, the specialists of the English site foresee one completely revised living cell and, for the first time, 5 places available.

    Unknown the date of presentation and of course the price, even if a figure of around 200-250 thousand euros is expected.


    Ferrari Purosangue, here's how it could be on the road
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