Cheap Electric Scooters | The best of 2021

The mobility bonus has practically cleared customs definitively electric scooters economic and not in almost all Italian cities, making urban transport less congested, especially at peak times such as that of workers entering and exiting. Although there is the will of the government to put a small patch with the possible introduction of some regulations, the phenomenon of these small vehicles is growing out of all proportion!

After having shown you which ones are the best in the category, we have decided to draw up a buying guide focused on the cheap ones, so that you can feel all the alternatives firsthand. Our point of reference is as always Amazon Italia, because first of all it guarantees fast shipping to almost all local locations and, at the same time, impeccable after-sales assistance, if there are problems with the vehicle such as aesthetic damage or malfunctions of the electronic parts. That said, we wish you a good read and a lot of fun on your next electric scooter!

The best cheap electric scooters

  • Razor Power Core E90
  • Revoe Tech Street Motion
  • Lexgo R8 Lite
  • Velociptor ES
  • Ducati Pro 1 Here
  • Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter 1S
Cheap Electric Scooters | The best of 2021

Razor Power Core E90

Cheap Electric Scooters | The best of 2021Razor, as we know, develops many products aimed at an audience of sports lovers, from snowboards to electric scooters, and offer the spirit of freedom and fun. Two aspects that we find in the Razor Power Core E90 for children, an article that enters by right in this buying guide, due to its technical specifications not to be underestimated. First of all, it guarantees an autonomy of 80 continuous minutes, thanks to a good battery. The electric motor it is equipped with offers an efficient ride, while its frame ensures greater durability than many other products in this category.

Revoe Tech Street Motion

Cheap Electric Scooters | The best of 2021Revoe Tech Street Motion is another electric scooter with good technical characteristics, marketed at an aggressive price. This product is suitable for both adults and children, and allows you to move quickly in urban traffic. It includes a 36 volt brushless electric motor and a 18650 volt and 36 ampere Samsung 4,4 lithium-ion battery, which guarantee good power and, above all, a decent autonomy. On the handlebar, however, there is an LCD console to be able to set all the racing parameters and to view the state of charge. In short, it is a product with excellent technical specifications, provided that it respects its maximum load weight of 100 kg.

Lexgo R8 Lite

Cheap Electric Scooters | The best of 2021Il Lexgo R8 Lite is a light and easy to handle electric scooter, perfect for all those who want to move around the city center without big pretensions. Its structure, in anthracite black color and scarlet red details, first of all ensure good durability and resistance, especially against all the unevenness of the local roads. It reaches a speed of 22 km / h which, according to our point of view, is an excellent result considering its selling price. Under the table there is also a 250 watt motor, while the two wheels are accompanied by a good braking system. As can be easily guessed, this scooter is the perfect companion for everyday adventures.

Velociptor ES

Cheap Electric Scooters | The best of 2021With a modern and versatile design, the Velociptor ES it is one of the best economic electric scooters because it belongs to the new generation and guarantees a good dose of practicality - through its simple controls - with a maximum capacity of 125 kg. This item boasts a powerful 350 watt motor, with which it is possible to travel different routes with three speed levels: Eco 6 km / h, Drive 20 km / h and Sport 25 km / h. Under the platform there is also a 36 volt lithium-ion battery, which offers a range of over 25 km, ensuring an average fast recharge of about 4 hours.

Ducati Pro 1 Here

Cheap Electric Scooters | The best of 2021Although its cost exceeds a certain price threshold, we consider this product to be one of the best, and we cannot avoid the possibility of including it in this guide. We are clearly talking about the electric scooter Ducati Pro 1 Here which represents an ideal companion for adventure in all inhabited centers. Thanks to its modern and elegant design, this product ensures a good dose of comfort and safety, all through hardware tricks as in the case of 8,5-inch wheels with double disc brake tubes. Its 350 watt motor, combined with a 280 Wh battery guarantee not only good autonomy but, above all, excellent performance on the road. And then, with the “easy-folding” system it is possible to fold it in a simple move and without any effort.

Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter 1S

Cheap Electric Scooters | The best of 2021We close this particular buying guide with one of the best cheap electric scooters of the moment, namely lo Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter 1S. It is a product that combines an elegant and minimalist design with outstanding performance, thanks to its powerful 250W brushless motor. This model is designed for less demanding riders, in fact the batteries allow you to reach a range of up to 30 km in normal conditions, while its structure still guarantees a good level of durability and safety. There is also the E-ABS system, in order to have speed control and kinetic energy recovery.

How to choose the best cheap electric scooters

After having shown you what are (in our humble opinion ed) the best cheap electric scooters, it is time to explain the modus operandi that led us to recommend the products just mentioned. Therefore, here are the objective characteristics that should not be forgotten before making such a purchase.

Battery and motor

The battery is a fundamental aspect in choosing your scooter. The greater its capacity, the greater its yield in terms of kilometers traveled, provided you have an electric motor that is not particularly expensive. Generally, the best batteries guarantee around 20-25 kilometers, in any condition.


The braking system is of vital importance, more than the battery and the engine. Having good brakes allows you to stop in case of imminent danger. Therefore we recommend the purchase of a scooter with disc brakes.


Accessories are quite important, although they can easily fall into the category of subjective specifications. In any case, buying a scooter with additional accessories is still a small saving, because it is not necessary to intervene at a later time in the event that a particular object is missing. At the same time, we advise you to buy products that could connect with the companion apps, in this way you can have all the statistics of your scooter in real time, through Bluetooth connectivity.

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