The keys to the new Audi Q2

The new Q2 inaugurates a segment within the current large Premium brands, some might point out that the Mini Countryman by price and positioning was the first to make the leap to this segment. With its 4.10 meters in length, the Mini crossover would be the pioneer within the Premium brands in betting on this segment. But coldly analyzing it, the potential buyer of the Mini is not usually the one who would approach a traditional German brand like BMW, Mercedes or Audi, that the guys from Munich know well and therefore have granted many stylistic licenses to Mini to create a very distinct brand with parent company, the German BMW.

In addition, the Countryman is smaller than the Q2, exactly 9 centimeters. Some very valuable centimeters that at the moment of truth are noticed in the space between the legs denote the rear row of seats or the arrangement of the trunk. The Countryman is the only current car that could compete with the Q2 in terms of quality of finish. It is true that not long from now this model will be renewed and knowing the trend of Mini would not be surprising that it would be equal in measures with the Q2.

Being the first or second to enter a segment so important in sales, the Audi Q2 wants to pick up the good work done by the Nissan Juke, Renault Captur, Peugeot 2008, Opel Mokka ...., etc.. A SUV-B segment vehicles that month by month has increased its market share and have managed to gobble up many sales to the unquestionable segment C and the classic segment B where we find the well-known Ibiza, Corsa, 2008, Clio ...., etc..

When it comes to choosing a new model, many customers have focused on this type of vehicle that reflects the latest market trend, a high SUV body with a large interior habitability. These features are highly valued by average families for different reasons, its false sense of security to be in a higher position, for "look like a vehicle of higher category", to remove the parent's license that would point you to a minivan, for its habitability......, etc..

This time it has not been so, has been the first of the three German to take the step and bet on the B-SUV. A very interesting bet and possibly will give great sales revenue, you know who strikes first, hits twice.

It's time to analyze the new Audi Q2. We start with the part that has done more talk, its aesthetics. I have already advanced that for me has been a success, a design differentiated from the rest of the current range. An incisive use of angles and edges, very unique details such as changing the color of the C-pillar, black, aluminum ... would not be unreasonable to find more color options in this part of the Q2 as customization policy. An area that stands out from the rest of the car and conveys sportiness and exclusivity.

The front is the most "traditional" we find the large hexagonal Singleframe grille, already found in the rest of the range. The front lights have been reduced, as if to indicate that it is smaller than the Q3, Q5 and Q7, this detail gives us the feeling that the grille dominates the front.

From the A-pillar begins the real aesthetic change of this model, the curved design is abandoned and bet on the edges and straight. If we look closely at the side, in the area of the handles appears a bevel that breaks with the main edge, a very polygonal detail that gives a lot of character to the whole and we advance that this car has a differential design.

At the rear we continue to find this stylistic load, many edges and details of new wedge. The pilots, the great criticized for being similar to the Volkswagen Polo, are perfectly integrated into the whole. It is true that I would have demanded more design dose in them, more quadratic, more aggressive, with more edges. But we would be jumping from a design "for everyone" with the current one, to a design for purists and lovers of groundbreaking vehicles. The first gives money and creates hundreds of sales, the second tends to marginalize the vehicle but gladden our hearts to lovers of industrial design.

Inside, we find a dashboard very similar to the Audi A1. It is true that has received some changes, its perfect name would be an evolution of the design that Audi presented us in the dashboard of the A1. We find more freshness and more customization in the dashboard of the Q2, if we compare it with that available to the current A1. The groundbreaking and rectilinear design that boasts on the outside, has not been transferred to the interior. Audi is still committed to a sporty design and lightly loaded, smooth lines where the aerators have much prominence and the buttons are few.

The measures of the new SUV of the brand of the four rings are very compact. The aforementioned 4.19 meters long, 1.79 meters wide and 1.51 meters high. The batalle wheelbase, known as battle stands at 2.60 meters. This vehicle by measures would compete against the Jeep Renegade or Opel Mokka.

In the section of the engines do not find any remarkable novelty, still betting on the same mechanics that we already know: In gasoline engines 1.0 TFSI 116 hp, 1.4 TFSI COD 150 hp (incorporates the cylinder disconnect system) and 2.0 TFSI with 190 hp and diesel TDI 116 hp and 2.0 TDI with 150 or 190 hp. For now no hybrid, plug-in hybrid or fully electric version has been confirmed. But it would not be unreasonable to think that in a short period of time, Audi bet on a hybrid version.

As expected Audi will incorporate its quattro all-wheel drive system in this model. As standard we find it associated with the most powerful mechanical, the 2.0 TFSI and 2.0 TDI 190 hp. The rest of the engines will leave the factory with front-wheel drive, except for the 2.0 TDI 150 hp and 1.4 TFSI COD 150 hp that can be ordered with the optional quattro all-wheel drive system. This system is based on the well-known Haldex multi-plate clutch that we already knew Audi.

The 2.0 TFSI and 2.0 TDI 190 hp versions have four-wheel drive (via a Haldex multi-plate clutch), while for the rest is in the front. Additionally, the 2.0 TDI 150 hp and 1.4 TFSI COD 150 hp versions can be ordered with both drive systems.

Audi has configured its new Q2 with a six-speed manual transmission. For the more frugal versions is offered with a dual-clutch automatic gearbox S tronic with seven ratios. This automatic gearbox is also offered as an option for the other versions.

In terms of technology, the Q2 has all the gadgets of its big brothers. Optionally it offers a fully digital instrument panel, we can see it on a 12.3-inch screen located in the traditional area of the watch box. This system is known as Audi Virtual Cockpit and allows you to configure your computer graphics in a personalized way, from viewing the navigation system, infotainment system, traction system, engine information ...., etc.. The MMI Navigation Plus infotainment system that incorporates the Q2 is the latest batch of technology, we find it primarily on a screen located at the top of the dashboard. This screen is hidden when we turn off the vehicle and has connectivity with Apple's Carplay and Google's Android Auto systems. This system offers the availability of internet connection via WIFI network.

The driving assistance and active safety systems are also protagonists in the Q2. The German manufacturer has advanced us that it has traffic jam driving assistant limited to 65 km / h, a quasi-autonomous system of driving assistance in traffic jams. Recognition of traffic signs, alert and warning for involuntary lane change, assistance system for parking in battery and in line or head up display. A system that informs us of the most important driving data on the windshield so we don't have to look down to the dashboard.

One of the details that always set the buyers of such vehicles is its trunk capacity, the Audi Q2 offers 405 liters of capacity. A figure that is located in the middle of the table, if we face it with its rivals. To give us an idea that has more trunk is the Honda HR-V with 470 liters and the least the Peugeot 2008 with 338 liters. Audi also offers as an option the automatic opening system of the tailgate, a "hands-free" perfect for when we are loaded with the shopping bag.

In short, despite having a groundbreaking design when compared with the rest of the range of Audi. This model seeks to be a bestseller and therefore has included all the details that an average premium buyer demands in a model of these characteristics. Lots of technology, a differentiating design, interior quality and safety.

Although it is very subjective, I stress again that the design of the Q2 dazzles me and now I throw the question. Do you like the new Audi bet in the SUV territory?

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