What is the polar moment of inertia of a car?

    What is the polar moment of inertia of a car?

    Talking with my American boss at the time (who now works at Yahoo, things of life), we discussed the possibility of starting a series of technical videos to explain basic concepts that motivated her. We tried the first of them with "the polar moment of inertia", and the result in views surprised us positively. Unfortunately, by November AOL was already "sold out", although it was not officially known, and the support for this video-series was completely withdrawn, so there is only one installment at the moment. Now, with a bit more luck and the freedom gained with our independence, we will be able to recover this video series.

    In the meantime, we bring back that first installment, in case you missed it, or if you want to see it again.

    Last December (yes, almost a year ago), I made the decision that I had to explain to you in an "easy, simple and family-friendly" way what the polar moment of inertia was all about. As an engineer, having worked in the automotive industry and in vehicle tuning, it's a term I had very close to my hand when I started writing tests, but of course, talking about it as an "entity" with no apparent explanation was a bit... complicated.

    The problem was how to explain it. I could have chosen to give you another "tocho" like "what is torque", with drawings and a dense text. But the polar moment of inertia was going to make it complicated. Or I could try another more interesting, simple and direct way: A video.

    So yes, I opted for the second option. And although it has taken me a lot of time (not because of recording or technique, because it is very "walking around the house"), I think it has been sufficiently clear and simple so that anyone can understand, from now on and forever, what the hell is the polar moment of inertia, when I mention it in future tests.

    If you like the idea of these "simple technique" videos, we will continue with the series dealing with new topics.

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