Tesla Model 3 Long Range (2021), why buy it and why not

Tesla Model 3 Long Range (2021), why buy it and why not

Since it landed in Europe in 2019, the Tesla Model 3 it immediately established itself as an alternative - electric - to traditional sedans. It was very successful and the sales numbers confirm it.

During 2021 the makeover which has updated it in various aspects including design, internal organization and is now even more efficient. Let's find out together in this Why buy it electric and why not.

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Pros and Cons

We like it We do not like it
+ Driving pleasure and ride comfort - Boot trims
+ Performance/efficiency ratio - Air conditioning management logic
+ Habitability and boot capacity - Invisible blind spot assistant
+ Infotainment and on-board technology
+ Fifth place


9.1 / 10

External and internal

Tesla Model 3 Long Range (2021), why buy it and why not

THEhabitability is one of the strengths of the Model 3: inside there is a lot of space available for passengers and the trunk, with 542 liters of minimum capacity, it's really big. The loading sill has an average height from the ground with the entrance which, however, is narrow in width, a typical defect of sedans. The space is regular in shape but, other than the tub on the left side, there are no hooks or rings to better organize the load.

The rear seats can be folded down in a 60/40 configuration but it's a shame there isn't a trap door to let long objects pass through. Under the floor there is a rather deep cockpit where, for example, to store the charging cables, which can also find space in the 56-litre front cockpit. This, compared to the previous MY, has lost a few liters to make room for the heat pump.

Entering behind, be careful not to hit your head because the overall height from the ground is reduced despite the roof line running parallel to the road. Once on board, however, you settle into an armchair: the seats are wide and comfortable and even for the tallest people, finding the most comfortable position is a snap. There's plenty of room in all directions and five-by-one travel well as the tunnel is completely flat in the center. On the console, there are air vents and two USB Type-C sockets.



4,69 meters


1,84 meters


1,44 meters

Weight :

1.847 kg


2,87 meters



542 - 720 liters

Front trunk

56 liters

Architecture, battery and range

As regards the consumption, in the month of December, in Rome and with temperatures between 4 and 11 degrees centigrade, in the city we recorded an average consumption of 16 kWh per 100 km, 19 on the highway at code speed and 14,5 in the extra-urban area, all for a general average of 16,5 kWh every 100km. L'autonomy average is around 466 kilometres, with 475 kilometers in urban areas, 400 on the motorway and up to 524 in the extra-urban area.

Tesla Model 3 Long Range (2021), why buy it and why not


Let's consider the four standards of recharge. At home, from a common household socket with 2,3 kW of power, about 13 km of autonomy can be loaded every hour. By installing a wallbox with an upgrade to 6 kW, therefore with around 4,5 kW of power available, the range reaches 26 kilometers per hour. By connecting to a public 22 kW AC column, the km loaded rise to 63 using the 11 kW on-board charger.

As for direct current, at a 50 kW column, the Model 3 recharges 171 kilometers every hour but, using the latest generation ultra-fast and taking advantage of the maximum absorption peak of 250 kW, it can recharge from 10 to 80% in approximately 25 minutes.

Tesla Model 3 Long Range (2021), why buy it and why not

How are you

One of the Model 3's striking features is thesoundproofing given that it seems to be traveling in a bubble, completely separated from what is outside: you can hear the pleasant hiss of the entire electrical compartment but, otherwise, the rolling of the tires is imperceptible and even the rustling of the wind is isolated because the bodywork has an extremely clean shape that cuts through the air, not creating turbulence even in sensitive areas such as those of the exterior mirrors. The double front windows also contribute to acoustic comfort.

Very good too driving position, with the optimal one which is easy to find because the seat and steering wheel excursions are quite wide - according to the American tradition - and the seat is soft and comfortable. From a ride comfort perspective, it must be said that the shock absorbers are not electronically controlled but the compartment scheme suspensions it is refined, with a wishbone in front and Multilink behind.

This is a perfect example of how, starting from an excellent mechanical base, you don't necessarily need a modular adjustment of the shock absorber response to perform well in several areas. Basically, the suspensions have a wide range of travel and especially in the city they absorb repeated bumps such as pavé really well. The drier ones, on the other hand, transmit some backlash which, however, never bothers.

Tesla Model 3 Long Range (2021), why buy it and why not

But the greatest satisfactions come when the pace picks up: springs and shock absorbers have a consistent calibration and between the bends the side lying down is always controlled and gradual even when you force entry. There is also always an excellent level of lateral grip also thanks to the low center of gravity (due to the battery pack in the floor) which guarantees great agility.

Lo steering then it's a really good ally even in these situations: the diameter of the steering wheel is reduced, the grip is comfortable and the control is direct and precise, with the front responding quickly to every input even at reduced steering wheel angles and also in the central which is usually the least sensitive.

Through the screen, we can go to adjust the steering load on three different levels. Basically, the intermediate one has an optimal heaviness, with the more sporty one making it too loaded, losing something in sensitivity and precision. Returning to electronics management, again from the touchscreen, we can also adjust the engine response to two settings, Soft and Standard, with the first being perfect for maximizing efficiency and guaranteeing homogeneous and regular delivery.

Tesla Model 3 Long Range (2021), why buy it and why not

The Long Range has available approx 476 CV, with the wording "Dual Motor" on the rear which suggests, underneath, the presence of two motors positioned one for each axle to ensure four-wheel drive. Pressing the accelerator it takes 4,4 seconds to sprint from 0 to 100 km/h but, more than the push itself that is always there at any speed, the calibration of the electronic controls convinces, which also wink at a dirtier. You can play very well with load transfers, with the rear tending to widen thus helping to close the curve better.

As on the other Teslas, the intensity of the intensity can also be adjusted here engine brake on predefined steps and set what is to all intents and purposes a One Pedal driving, the one that involves the use of the accelerator pedal only (lifting the foot, the car brakes). It is very comfortable in the city and you can literally do without the brakes if, first, you take the measures well with the necessary stopping distances. At the same time, however, the brake pedal is sensitive and well modulated despite having a (pleasant) short stroke.

Finally, let's talk about how it moves in the city: le dimensions They are manageable and the turning circle is good, so you move easily even in narrow streets. The maneuvers are done rather quickly since the gear lever is positioned on the steering column and even for parking there are no problems since there are sensors - which indicate the distance from obstacles in centimeters - and three cameras.

The Technique


System with two electric motors and all-wheel drive


476 CV


575 Nm

Battery Pack Capacity

75 kWh

Type of Refill

Heavenly | CCS Combo2

Price list

The Tesla Model 3 starts at a price of 49.990 € for the basic version with a single engine and rear-wheel drive. Then there are two others, with two engines and a larger battery: the Long Range, starting from 56.990 euro, and the more powerful Performance, from 60.990 euros.

Our evidence

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