Tesla Model 3, why buy it… and why not

Tesla Model 3, why buy it… and why not

From the beginning, the Tesla Model 3 has been Elon Musk's real goal. An electric car capable of traveling the most kilometers of all, with good space on board, small dimensions, sports sedan performance and dream technology. All with a low price. The beginnings have certainly not been painless, with production delays and customers grumbling (to put it mildly) more and more. Then, slowly, the serene returned and the first (big) satisfactions arrived: the markets that rewarded the Model 3 capable – almost everywhere – of conquering the title (also in Spain) of “best-selling electric car”.

The competitors (with SUV bodywork) of the Model 3

Benefits and defects

Let me start not from the guide but from the very heart of the Tesla Model 3: the big (15”) monitor touch which dominates the passenger compartment unchallenged. Everything is managed through it and, beyond the 2 wheels on the steering wheel and the 2 levers on the steering column, there is no trace of other physical commands. A cabin that amazes with the cry of "Lessi is more" and which increases the perceived quality exponentially.

Then we look around, assemblies are analysed and wrinkled his nose a little. The beautiful and carefully chosen materials do not always meet precisely and those used to the impeccable precision of German premium brands will certainly not be happy. But Tesla lives in Silicon Valley and the real quality is in the software. Here one leaves each builder behind.

Tesla Model 3, why buy it… and why not

But beyond electronics and software with a high wow effect content, the Tesla Model 3 is above all a nice car to drivestarting with the steering. The trim too he puts his own into it and immediately reveals how it was not designed for the city. The answers are very dry, also thanks to the 19 "wheels, but when the road opens up he reveals a sincerity and ability to never linger in the roll from before the class.

Then there is the engine, indeed, on the Long Range the engines - one per axle - with around 350 HP and 520 Nm of torque (the figures are not official) which give life to a four-wheel drive which prefers the rear, for safe and engaging driving, with performances that say 233 km/h of top speed and 4,3” to go from 0 to 100 km/h.

Tesla Model 3, why buy it… and why not

How much

Not a little, but not a lot either: 48.500 €. Let's say as an average size sedan – i.e. Audi A4, BMW 3 Series or Mercedes C-Class – with good but not top equipment. Standard features are leather seats, 18" alloy wheels with aerodynamic plastic covers, a 15" super monitor, adaptive cruise control, lane maintainer and batteries with a range of just over 400 km coupled to a single engine.

Then there is the Long Range from 560 km (57.920) and top the performance which for 64.590 offers slightly lower range (530 km) but screaming performance: 266 km/h top speed and 3,4” to go from 0 to 100 km/h.

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