Mazda MX5 NC by Jose Antonio

For José Antonio, industrial designer, co-founder of and owner of the red NC that we bring you today, this version responds to the demand of a certain clientele and does not detract from the intrinsic qualities of the MX5. However, when he bought his second MX5 in 2008, he chose the 1.8 liters with 126 hp and canvas top. For him, it was the essence of the MX5: a light, nimble, fun and economical car.

Evil tongues will think that this engine isn't enough and that it's just for cruising. Nothing could be further from the truth. Well driven, on curvy roads the MX5 can be very fast -and José Antonio knows how to drive it, I can vouch for that-. And as for cruising... Well, yes. Going to Ireland with the car can also be considered a ride. I discovered it when I opened the trunk of the car where a series of stickers like trophies remember all the places where he has been with his wife and his MX5: Brittany, Le Mans, Basque Country, Asturias, etc. As for the "55" it is one of those curiosities of life. "It's a souvenir of the event that Mazda Spain organized in 2014 to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the MX5, and we attended more than 100 MX5s," he tells us. "It was the number I got. In addition, and coincidentally, it's the number that was worn by the Mazda that won the 24h of Le Mans."

What made you decide to buy an MX5?

It's great fun to drive, both on twisty roads and at tourist speeds, it's a fantastic design, it's reasonably comfortable, it's relatively affordable, very reliable and economical to maintain, and to top it all off, it can be used daily and/or for commuting. The MX5 is the answer to all the questions!

Did you know you wanted an NC?

Yes, because compared to previous generations, its engines are more pleasant in the day to day, its seats are much more comfortable, it is safer, both for active safety (ESP) and passive safety, and it is a more modern car, with all that this means for daily use. Aesthetically, I must admit that, well customized, I like the 4 generations of MX5 equally.

Your reaction when you saw it for the first time?

A real crush when I saw it at the Barcelona Motor Show, I sat in it, and I thought: This car and I are made for each other!

Does it have any modifications?

At chassis level: Mazda-Eibach springs that lower it 2 cm and Bilstein B8 shock absorbers, with this set-up, the behavior is much more efficient, direct, noble and communicative.

In addition, I have mounted some beautiful OZ wheels, painted the windshield frame in black, designed and placed some black stripes on the underbody, painted the arches and the dashboard trim in red, installed an aluminum kit in the interior, removed the rear badges...

If you had to buy an MX5 again, would you buy it again?

Of course I would! This is my second MX5 and in fact I have already ordered what will be my third MX5, a fourth generation one.

Would you change it for another car?

I don't think so, the only one that has ever made me doubt is the Porsche Boxster, but besides being much more expensive, I would have to try it before, because although I know it is a superior car in almost all aspects, I have the impression that it is necessary to drive it at a much higher and more demanding pace to enjoy driving it.

A tribute to Mazda and its sporting and technological heritage

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