Where should I rotate my Tesla tires? Price and Service

Where should I rotate my Tesla tires? Price and Service

With so many options available, you can never be too sure which one is best for rotating your Tesla tires. Which option specifically caters to your needs and situation. So which company should you spin Tesla wheels at?

If you want to have the best overall service, you should have your Tesla tires rotated at Tesla Service Centers. For the best prices, you should rotate your Tesla tires at independent tire shops. For maximum convenience, you can simply call Tesla's mobile service at your home.

Of course this is just a simplistic answer and needs to be discussed a bit further. Then check out the rest of this article for the specifics. Let me know what you think.

Top 3 places for Tesla tire rotation

Aggressive driving, off-road driving and heavy loads can contribute to faster tire wear. Wheels that are misaligned, worn, and out of balance can affect handling, so it's important to keep your tires in good condition through regular rotation. Here are the best places to rotate your Tesla tires:

1. Tesla Service Centers - Best Service

The obvious choice for many Tesla owners is to take their car to a Tesla Service Center. In addition to the convenience of having your car serviced in the same place you bought it, Tesla Service Centers can also provide expert service for your Tesla.

Their technicians know their trade and are highly trained specifically to work on Tesla vehicles. They also have years of experience and are up to date on the latest Tesla technologies.

Tesla technicians can quickly and easily rotate your tires, while also giving your car an overhaul to ensure everything else is in good working order. Unfortunately, with the high demand for Tesla service, it may be necessary to make an appointment a few weeks in advance. Be sure to call ahead and check availability.

2. Independent Tire Shops - Best Prices

If you're looking for a more affordable option, you may want to consider taking your Tesla to an independent tire shop. These shops offer competitive prices for their services and can usually get your car in and out much faster than a Tesla Service Center.

They also don't have the same overhead costs as a Tesla service center, so they pass those savings on to their customers. The technicians at an independent tire shop have experience handling a wide variety of vehicles, so they shouldn't have a problem fixing your Tesla.

3. Mobile Tire Services – The Best Convenience

For maximum convenience, you can have a mobile tire service come to you. That way, you don't even have to leave your home or place of business to get your tires rotated.

Mobile services are becoming increasingly popular as they can offer the same quality of service as a physical store but without the hassles. All it takes is a phone call or a click of a button to schedule an appointment.

This is a great option if you're short on time or have a busy schedule and aren't mechanically inclined. Be sure to do your research when choosing a mobile tire service provider. Check online reviews and customer testimonials to make sure you are getting reliable and trustworthy service.

Cost of rolling Tesla tires

The cost of your Tesla tire rotation will depend on the model of your car and the type of service you choose. Tesla service centers have a higher overhead cost, so their services will be more expensive.

You can expect to pay between $100 and $135 to have your Tesla tires rotated at a service center. You will also need to book in advance and make an appointment. Independent tire shops will be cheaper, with prices ranging from $20 to $25 for a basic rotation.

If you choose a mobile service, the cost will be the same as an independent shop. However, you'll need to factor in the additional cost of the mobile service fee, which is typically between $50 and $100.

Where should I rotate my Tesla tires? Price and Service

The second generation of the BMW 2 Series Coupe receives two new engines: the four-cylinder BMW 218i and the BMW M240i with exclusively rear propulsion and which joins, at the top of the range, to the BMW M240i xDrive.

To date, the engine range of the BMW 2 Series Coupe consisted in the 220i, 220d with 4 cylinders and the powerful 240 cylinder M6i xDrive. The 230i will come later because there's a lot of leap between the base and the top end. The 220i and 220d have 184 and 190bhp respectively, while the M240i xDrive goes to 374bhp. The gap will be filled with the aforementioned 230i with 4-cylinder engine and 245 HP, also with exclusive propulsion.

All engines are equipped of an eight-speed Steptronic gearbox which can be upgraded to eight-speed Steptronic Sport (standard on the BMW M240i xDrive) with paddles on the steering wheel, Launch Control for better starting and Sprint function for instant acceleration when the car is already moving.


In addition to the noticeable improvements in driving dynamics compared to the previous generation, the new BMW 2 Series Coupe also offers a premium cabin ambience, as well as cutting-edge innovations in the areas of control/operation and connectivity. The BMW 2 Series Coupe comes with a new control panel which, as an option, can turn all controls into digital displays. In addition, sports seats and a leather sport steering wheel come as standard, with the option of adding the M leather steering wheel and M Sport seats as an option.

Also standard tri-zone climate control and windshield with acoustic glass, heated steering wheel, heated seats, electric and memory in the case of the driver, and a new ambient light that accompanies the Harman Kardon surround sound system. Already as an option, the sunroof / tilt is now 20 percent larger.

The progress made compared to the previous model is also reflected in a much wider range of driver assistance systems. The new BMW 2 Series Coupé features lane departure warning, rear collision and cross-traffic alert, adaptive cruise control with Stop&Go function, rear view camera, 3D panoramic and remote view as well as, as an option, the Head-UP Display system or the BMW Drive Recorder. All this can be managed by his 8,8-inch screen and its 5,1-inch instrument cluster. These can grow to 12,3 and 10,25 inches with the BMW Live Cockpit Professional. Integration with Apple Car Play and Android Auto is optional.


BMW 218i: 42.150 euros

BMW 220i: 44.150 euros

BMW 230i: 47.700 euros

BMW M240i: 67.800 euros

BMW M240i xDrive: 71.200 euro

BMW 220d: 48.050 euros

Where should I rotate my Tesla tires? Price and Service

It seemed that saloons were dead, but they're reborn, Yup, in a different format. We're seeing it in Kia, Volkswagen announces it and, now, Toyota designs it too. There need to increase the number of electric car launches is causing the development of new sedans, yes, with the body a little elevated to bring its image closer to the SUV. The EV6 can be a good example, and also the future Aero B or ID.6, the project that in Volkswagen will serve to replace the Passat with a new electric car, walk in the same line.

Now it is Toyota proposing a new electric sedan. After you already ready its new bZ4X, new electric SUV that will see the light this summer, the new Beyond Zero family of 100% electric vehicles from the Japanese manufacturer will be expanded with the bZ5. On this occasion, the first information already indicates one sedan approximately 4,73 meters long, that it will finally take the place of the vanished Avensis and that the Camry has not been able to fill the lineup.


Thus, also following a trend similar to the one shown today, for example the Citroen C5 X, the Toyota bZ5 will have a certain SUV look, with the underbody painted black and showing good aerodynamics, the result of a fairly sporty silhouette.

Also developed from the new e-TNGA modular platform, developed by the Japanese group specifically for its new electric vehicles, will offer great flexibility, housing the battery on the ground between the axles to also offer ample space on board. Technically, you can bet on a single electric motor positioned in the front train or two electric motors, with a second car located in the rear train to also have all-wheel drive.

Renault has relaunched the JASP concept with its new Mégane E-Tech. Are you still a young man but well prepared?

If your memory reaches the 90s, you might remember a concept that became famous in that decade: JASP. The JASP generation was associated with those young but overly prepared highly educated, cultured with languages ​​and underrated. Renault popularized this term in 1995 when he threw one commercial with his little Clio.

La Renault Megane E-Tech represents the French range better than anyone else “disruption” in the form of technology, sustainability and driving. In the videos that we will be watching from today in various digital formats, we will see Eduardo Noriega interacting with the French compact's Open R Link multimedia system, with its Harman Kardon stereo or with its electric technology with up to 470 km of autonomy.

The presentation event in Madrid also brought together a group of influencers, including Nuria Casas, Moderna de Pueblo, Aleagullosm, Francisco Garcia (Kikillo), Sergio Mur, KIRON (Iván), Albert (Uy Albert), Nerea Muro, Gianfranco La Vecchia and Sergio Jurado. Also present were the current Renault Mégane E-Tech, as well as a first generation Renault Clio. The renewed JASP concept is about to appear on your screens, get ready.

Where should I rotate my Tesla tires? Price and Service

The new DeLorean Alpha5, the "successor" to the legendary car from the film Back to the Future, is a sporty Gran Turismo with gull-wing doors and XNUMX% electric propulsion.

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Where should I rotate my Tesla tires? Price and Service

Finally, born Peugeot 408 Cross, born 408 Crossover: It will be there new Peugeot 408"dry". However, the rest of the information that we had already advanced a few weeks ago is confirmed, surprisingly and officially. The French brand has just announced today that it will launch this new model.

What can we tell you about the new Peugeot 408? Well, many things already. First, we'll go that yes to the official ones. The lion brand announces that the new car, which will have a global character, will be presented for the first time and worldwide on June 22nd. That is, in less than a month we will get to know him completely.


Peugeot also confirms that “it will be a completely new model in the range of the brand“, and that “it will become a new species of the Peugeot family: very original for its forms, combines the characteristic codes of SUVs with the dynamism of hatchback bodies“.

Finally, and accompanying a first photo where you only see the grille of the model, with the new Peugeot logos and the 408 name, the French manufacturer claims to have tried with this new SUV a high efficiency and the desire to offer new experiences. Now, knowing these brief official information, can we tell you some more data? The answer is yes.


Precisely, with this one Citroen C5 X will be, perhaps, the one with which the new Peugeot 408 has more affinity, especially in terms of crossover silhouette. The length of the new SUV will fluctuate between 4,70 and 4,80 meters, betting on a very dynamic bodywork, with an integrated rear spoiler and a remarkable roof drop that blends the SUV and Coupé styles. New LED lighting, specific wheels and new rear graphics similar to the new Peugeot 308 will complete its attractive aesthetics.


Already inside, of course, Peugeot will maintain its commitment to the i-Cockpit technology and spirit that all of its new cars already show. Advanced and sophisticated, the mechanical part also features new propulsion systems based on electrification and efficiency.

And, according to initial information from France, the new Peugeot 408 will have the new mild hybrid and plug-in hybrid propulsion systems of the brand. As one of the big stars of the range will appear the engine a 1,6-litre PureTech petrol that does part of a version PHEV that is able to offer variants with one or two electric motors, to deliver between 180 and 225 HP of power if it has front-wheel drive, or up to 355 HP if it has all-wheel drive.

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