Tesla surprises with the super warranty for Model 3 batteries

    Tesla surprises with the super warranty for Model 3 batteries
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    The Tesla super warranty for batteries surprises and reassures those who have bought or intend to buy the all-electric Tesla Model 3 sedan. Most people who are considering buying their first electric car fear in fact the physiological decline of the batteries lithium. As in smartphones and other electronic devices, even in cars the capacity of the batteries decreases with use and over time, but for electric cars, the accumulators alone represent a large part of the cost of the entire car, more than the transmission or engine in the vehicles with internal combustion engine.

    The unknown seems to be completely solved by the Tesla super warranty for the Tesla Model 3 batteries which is worth 8 years. Throughout this long term, which for many could also mean the possibility of selling the car or buying it used, the manufacturer insures at least 70% of the total charge. There are limitations based on mileage but they are broad enough to include most cases and uses. For Tesla Model 3s with a standard battery pack, the limit is 100.000 miles, approximately 160 kilometres, while for those who have opted for the long-range battery pack, the limit increases up to 120 miles, therefore approximately 193 kilometres.

    But the good news doesn't stop there because according to an independent survey of Tesla Model S owners conducted in the Netherlands and Belgium, battery longevity far exceeds expectations. From the data, reported by Cnet, it emerges that most of the Tesla Model S is preparing to reach 150 miles, therefore 240 kilometers travelled, without even detecting a 10% decline in battery capacity. The hope is that this high performance will be maintained in the future as Tesla is increasingly committed to significantly increasing the production capacity of batteries and vehicles.

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