Desguace La Colina: Information, opinions and evaluations

Desguace La Colina: Information, opinions and evaluations


Welcome to our article on the La Colina scrapyard, where you will find all the information you need about this establishment. If you are looking for information about this scrapyard, opinions from other users or evaluations, you have come to the right place. Below, we will provide you with all the details you need to know.

What is the La Colina scrapyard?

The La Colina scrapyard is an establishment specialized in buying and selling used car parts. Located in the town of [name of the town], it has extensive experience in the sector and has become a benchmark for those looking for quality spare parts at competitive prices.

Information about scrapping La Colina

If you are interested in getting detailed information about the La Colina scrapyard, you are in the right place. Next, we provide you with the most relevant data:


The La Colina scrapyard is located at [full address], in a strategic location that facilitates access for both local residents and those coming from other towns.


The La Colina scrapyard opens its doors from Monday to Friday from [opening hours], and on Saturdays from [opening hours]. This allows customers to visit the establishment at a wide range of times and days of the week.

Variety of pieces

In the La Colina scrapyard you will find a wide variety of used car parts, both for national and international vehicles. From engines and transmissions to headlights and bumpers, here you can find everything you need to repair your vehicle.

Opinions and ratings

If you are looking for opinions and evaluations about the La Colina scrapyard, you are in the right place. Here are some reviews from satisfied customers:

Opinion of Juan Perez

Excellent service and customer care. I found the part I needed at a very competitive price. I recommend La Colina scrapyard to all those who are looking for quality parts.

Opinion of Maria Gomez

I was surprised by the variety of pieces that I found in the La Colina junkyard. Also, the staff was very friendly and helped me find exactly what I needed. I will definitely buy here again in the future.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does La Colina scrapyard offer a guarantee on parts?

Yes, La Colina scrapyard offers a guarantee on all the parts it sells. This gives customers peace of mind, as they know they are purchasing quality products and that they can count on the store's support in the event of any issues.

Is it possible to sell my vehicle to the scrapyard La Colina?

Yes, the La Colina salvage yard also buys used vehicles. If you have a car that you no longer use and want to get rid of it, you can contact the salvage yard to get an appraisal and sell it quickly and easily.


In short, La Colina salvage yard is an excellent choice for those looking for quality used auto parts at competitive prices. With a wide variety of parts and exceptional customer service, this salvage yard has earned the trust of many satisfied customers. Do not hesitate to visit the La Colina scrapyard and discover everything it has to offer.

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