There is a Tesla Model S with a petrol V8, and it is almost ready

    Existe um Tesla Model S com um V8 a gasolina e está quase pronto

    Rich Benoit, the owner of the channel, just updated us on the state of play. In practice, the 8-litre V6,2 complete with gearbox and all the rest of the mechanics will have to take the place of the electric motors and the large battery pack, so it will be necessary to adapt everything to a platform developed specifically for the power supply.

    Certainly it is not an easy path and in fact, although the progress is evident, several more weeks are needed for the completely definitive work. The Electrified Garage team is putting all its experience into the success of the plan: it's not an everyday thing to get a Tesla moving with the thermal of a Chevy Camaro.

    In the current state of things perhaps the bulk is done, since the heaviest component has had its housing, but we must not forget the structural integrity of the entire vehicle and many other elements which it is not logical to think about right away: the team is preparing, among other things, a sound insulation system which for a Tesla is absolutely secondary given the silence of the electric motors.

    The delivery times of the parts also take care of extending the times. Rich is working on the transmission of power to the wheels, but in the video he says he waited 12 weeks for the crankshaft to arrive.

    In case you know a little English, you can't miss the very interesting video above, otherwise we suggest you take a look at the update that the Fremont-based company is releasing to the owners of its cars (those still electric): here the first images of the Tesla v11 software on a 2021 Model S. Finally, remaining on the subject of modified electric cars, we cannot fail to refer you to the Tesla Model 3 sponsored by Gran Turismo: the zero-emissions racing car will race at this year's Pikes Peak .

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