Tesla's 4680 batteries come with the Cybertruck

Tesla's 4680 batteries come with the Cybertruck

We have been talking about cells since 2020 4680 by Tesla. But apart from some almost "experimental" Model Y that mounted them, for now they still can't see large-scale production. At least until the arrival of Cybertruck, which will go into production in the summer.

And it is precisely the imminent arrival of the awaited pick-up that pushes the House of Elon Musk to provide an update on the battery situation. It happens during the meeting on the results of the first quarter of 2023.

There is already cell 2.0

“The production of the 4680 alla Gigafactory of Austin is expanding with the construction of a new structure that is already halfway through construction - said Drew Baglino, senior vice president of the Engineering division -. It requires 70% less investment per gigawatt-hour produced than a traditional factory. We are therefore fully respecting what we promised during the battery day".

Tesla's 4680 batteries come with the Cybertruck

Three types of Tesla cells: 18650, 2170 and 4680

Baglino then spoke of an evolved version of the 4680. “Regarding the design of the cells, we are producing the first generation 4680 but we are also working on a second type, easier to build. We are also evaluating a number of options for the best cathode material to use, while for lithium sourcing, our Corpus Christi plant will open its doors in May."

Also from this point of view, Tesla swears to be at the forefront, being able to count on a process of lithium refining that does not use sulphates or chemical or caustic reagents. Indeed, thanks to the new methods, he is also able to obtain a by-product that can be used in building materials.

Tesla's 4680 batteries come with the Cybertruck

A Tesla battery with cell-to-pack architecture and 4680 cells

Costs down, production up

In short, looking for an answer to the question of where Tesla's 4680 cells actually are, we can say that they are in fact about to arrive. After much talking, all the pieces of the puzzle seem to fall into place.

Production is increasing, new lines are being set up, an improved version of the cells is already on the launch pad and the optimization of all processes is leading to a progressive cost reduction.

“Producing the 4680 cells at competitive prices is the priority - said Baglino at the end of his speech -. We still have room for improvement and we will be able to do better and better in the next few years 12 months, when we have optimized everything we want to optimize. In the meantime, production will increase, to accompany that of the Cybertruck, whose volumes will grow during the year and will reach full capacity in 2024".

Tesla's 4680 batteries come with the Cybertruck

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