Our buying guide

Our buying guide

The Model 3 range consists of three versions (here the complete list):

RWD from €54.990, with approved power of 88 kW (120 HP);
Long range AWD from €61.990, with approved power of 153 kW (208 HP);
AWD performance from € 65.990, with approved power of 155 kW (211 HP).

How it is made, habitability and visibility. Once you get on board (thanks to the thin card to be placed next to the side pillar, just below the camera, or to the dedicated app), you have a glance at the "simple" and tidy interior: apart from the steering wheel, a display and two levers on the steering column, there are no physical buttons, knobs or even the air vents. The automatic climate control system (standard), in fact, uses a small slot that runs along the entire dashboard to spread the set temperature. The driving position is well studied from all points of view, starting with the ergonomic one, even if the seat, well profiled, is a bit lacking in lateral containment. As for the rear passengers, the taller ones may need a few extra centimeters for the head to avoid touching the roof. Finally, when driving, visibility is not helped by the rather massive front pillars, just as the high waistline can create some discomfort when maneuvering. In this case, however, the rear view camera comes in handy.

Cargo compartment. To the basic 378 liters, a 58-litre lower compartment at the back and a second smaller 73-litre compartment in the front hood are added (convenient, for example, for storing charging cables). Thanks to the separately folding sofa backrests, the Model 3 can also load long objects, even if the presence of the trunk instead of the tailgate limits accessibility a bit.

Infotainment. At the center of the dashboard stands out the eye-catching 15-inch tablet-display, through which all the main functions are managed. The menus are made in the best way and the hardware always responds quickly. The most useful elements while driving are collected together and show energy and charging consumption, camera images and the phone interface. There is also a browser for web browsing and the ability to consult the agenda. To reduce distractions, it is still worth pressing the wheel located on the right breed to activate the voice commands. In the lower part of the console, two phones can be connected (with a lightning socket and a USB C), while there is no compatibility with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. The picture is completed by a wide repertoire of functions to while away the time in the event of a prolonged stop, which transform the tablet into a means of entertainment, for playing a video game or drawing.

Our buying guide

How is it going. Equipped with good stability, thanks to the low center of gravity, the accumulator under the car and the almost identical weight distribution between the front and rear axles, the Tesla Model 3 offers the right compromise between safety and fun. Always assisted by expertly calibrated (non-disengageable) electronics, which help to contain the clear tendency to oversteer, it demonstrated great promptness and a well-controlled body roll even in our tests on the track such as the double lane change in the wet. The steering is always very precise and quick, with good progression and an appreciable feeling, while the braking is powerful; the aerodynamic caps present on the Long Range, however, do not allow for correct heat dissipation in the fatigue tests, causing fading. The general comfort is good, even if at low speeds the car hardly digests the irregularities of the road surface. Furthermore, by increasing the speed, the rolling noise of the tires becomes audible.

Adas. Standard features are automatic emergency braking, active cruise control, course keeping assistance, dark corner warning and rear traffic monitoring. By purchasing the complete package, one of the few options available, Tesla further enhances its Autopilot, approaching autonomous driving. As new functions are introduced (and as the regulations on the matter make their use legal), all Teslas will automatically receive software updates and any upgrades via the internet.

Performance and consumption. The performance of the Model 3 is very high and the overall efficiency is remarkable. The numbers speak for themselves and distance it from those of a similar four-door with combustion engine; not only in the sprint from 0-100 km/h, for which it takes 4,6 seconds, but also in acceleration to reach 400 meters and the kilometer from standstill: 12,8 seconds in the first case, 23,5 in the second. Even in recovery there are no comparisons: to go from 70-120 km/h the Model 3 takes 3,5 seconds. The results for consumption are also interesting, above all if mass and size are considered. For example, it is close to the average of the Kia e-Niro, which however remains unbeatable in the city (a good 7,5 kilometers with one kWh). On the motorway, it exceeds the threshold of 300 kilometers of autonomy, while the average measured by our test center is 5 km/kWh.


Performance and handling. The encounter between the typical electrical performance and the quality of the thick frame is interesting.

Tech. setting As always with Teslas, one has the feeling of being in a world apart.


Brakes. The system is fine, but the aerodynamic caps of the Long Range reduce cooling, with consequent and evident fading.

Ergonomics. The central display has very well done menus, but it packs way too many functions into itself.

Main standard features. The following are standard on all Tesla Model 3s: full LED headlights, 18-inch alloy wheels, electronically controlled suspension, panoramic roof and electrochromatic, electrically adjustable and folding rear-view mirrors. Alongside the aforementioned keyless door opening system, the interior features high-quality upholstery and electrically adjustable and heated front and rear seats. As for the infotainment system, which can be managed via the large 15" display, it offers the navigator and Wi-Fi and LTE connections, as well as the hi-fi system with DAB radio and premium audio system with 15 speakers, tweeters , surround speaker and subwoofer.The picture is completed by the automatic climate control system and the central console with dock station for recharging smartphones.From a safety point of view, the front, side and curtain airbags are flanked by the rear parking sensors, the -up display and the Autopilot system, consisting of eight cameras and twelve ultrasonic sonars, which manage automatic emergency braking, trajectory maintenance assistance, dark corners warning, active cruise control and rear monitoring of the traffic.

Gli optional. With such a rich standard equipment, the list of options is reduced to metallic and mica paints, different alloy wheels (up to 20"), a tow hook and the aforementioned extended package for assisted driving, which includes cruise control adapted to driving in traffic, automatic high/low beam headlights and automatic parking system.

The recharge. Equipped with an internal three-phase 11 kW charger, it is capable of accepting 150 kW (400 volt) direct current charging of the Superchargers. When the entire network is brought to 250 kW, the Tesla Model 3 will automatically receive a software update, which will allow it to take full advantage of this power: in this way, according to the House, five minutes will be enough to recover 120 kilometers of autonomy. Our tests have shown that, for a "full" of current from a classic 2,3 kW household socket, the battery is 100% in 24 hours and 35 minutes, which drops to just over seven hours to have 100km range. With a 22 kW socket, a full charge takes five hours and 17 minutes, which drops to one hour and 37 to travel 100 kilometres. Finally, with a 50 kW direct current socket, 43 minutes are enough (from 20% of residual charge) or 22 minutes for the canonical 100 km.

Purchasing Options. Those who decide to approach the Tesla world can opt for different formulas: ranging from lease, with advance, a duration between 24 and 60 months (which obviously determines the amount of the fixed-rate installments: Tan 3,75% and Taeg 5,77%) and a redemption quota established at the stipulation stage, at the long term rental. In this case, the duration varies from 36 to 60 months and you can choose the annual mileage, from 10.000 to 25.000 km. In addition, a series of services are included, from RCA insurance to road tax, to claims management, while complete insurance (RCA, theft/fire and damage to the vehicle), ordinary and extraordinary maintenance and assistance service are optional traffic h24. Finally, there is the classic financing with Santander Consumer Bank, which offers two possibilities: the first with advance payment and 96 monthly installments (the first 48 installments with Tan 3,97% and the subsequent 48 with Tan 5,99%, while the Taeg always remains at 5,05%), the second with a duration of 48 months (Tan 3,97%, Taeg 4,63%), with a maxi final installment at the end. In both cases, the costs of the preliminary investigation are 400 euros.

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